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The Chili-Files

chili files
chili files
chili files

Would you like a new chili flavor in your kitchen? Back the project and see. Food startups are expensive and they need just a little more to pay all the outset costs. With your help they can create something new, quirky and all around awesome.

54% will go toward chili spices . Hand-blending spices is time consuming and our chilies are out of this world. 28% will go toward packaging. We are using 4 oz bottles. Glass is better for the planet, smokingman does not approve. There are no chemicals in these chili flavors.

They love the sweet, spicy and smoky flavor of chili. But got tired of all the commercial spice mixes full of cheap ingredients like salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Not to mention chemicals. That is why they created The Chili-Files. A pure all natural mix of chili powders. They believe that factory processing is flawed when it comes to food. They don't want the product to be polluted with allergens like wheat, peanuts, eggs and shellfish. By handcrafting The Chili-Files in micro-batches they insure every bottle is fresh. Good for you and good for the planet.

Perks include bottles of the chili spices and pins.