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The Chelios Condition cranks out the tunes at Steel City Underground

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PUEBLO, Colo.—The Chelios Condition rocked the core of Steel City Underground, on March 29. They were the opening act, along with Burns Like Hell. Scrotus was the direct support and Tree of Woe was the headliner.

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Jake Berckefeldt is the bassist, Stephan A. Palangy is the guitarist, Alex C. “Hente=Me” Hennigh is the vocalist and Keith Eddy is the drummer of The Chelios Condition.

Eddy struck his cymbals, to begin The Chelios Condition’s recital with “You Have To Be This Tall To Get Into Jail”. Shortly after, Berckefeldt and Palangy soon accompanied him and Hennigh waited for the opportune time to come in with his vocals. As the intro continued on, Hennigh leaned back and raised his arms to the ceiling. As his arms came back down, he provided the lyrics. After the song concluded—he introduced the band’s name, mentioned they’re from Pueblo, Colo. and introduced the next song.

Berckefeldt, Palangy and Eddy provided the instrumental introduction for “Glasshole”. As they continued, Hennigh took a drink of his beverage. As he provided the vocals—fans rose up from their seats, made their way to the stage and took photos with their camera phones, as The Chelios Condition played continued. Towards the end of the song, the tempo intensified. After it came to an end, Berckefeldt removed his hands from his bass, shook them profusely and prepared for the next song.

“Party Drugs Don’t Love You Back” was introduced to the fans by Hennigh. While he did so—Berckefeldt met up with him at center stage, placed his right hand on his shoulder, spoke briefly and they continued on with the concert. During the presentation, Hennigh got down on one knee and belted out his vocals. After he stood back up—he stood to the side of a monitor, rested his right foot on it, leaned forward and provided more vocals.

Hennigh thanked the audience, before ending The Chelios Condition’s concert with “7 Reasons Why John Jindaja Is The Soulman”.Eddy stuck his drum briefly, paused and started the song off. Afterwards—Hennigh advised the audience to stick around for the rest of the bands, mentioned how much performing in front of the crowd meant the world to him and complimented the audience. After walking off the stage, the fans embraced him and complimented him on his performance.

“Dogs Can’t Read” was also a part of The Chelios Condition’s set.