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'The Cheating Pact' true story of Samuel Eshaghoff

true story
true story
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"The Cheating Pact" is a Lifetime movie that is loosely based on Samuel Eshaghoff and the Long Island cheating scandal. "The Cheating Pact" aka "Cheating Pact" debuted on Lifetime for the first time in 2013. The real names were changed in the Lifetime film. The cast stars: Daniella Bobadilla, Laura Wiggins and Laura Ashley Samuels, according to the New York Times.

Written by Doug Campbell, this movie follows the story of three college kids who must make good grades in order to please their domineering parents. The solution seems simple when these college kids enter a cheating pact which includes paying another student to cheat on the exams for them.

"The Cheating Pact" is loosely based on the story of Samuel Eshaghoff and several other Long Island teens who were implicated in a cheating scandal in 2011. According to court records, the Long Island teens came from very prominent families and felt pressured to do well on the SAT and ACT exams. The teens paid thousands of dollars to score well on the exams, according to the Contra Costa Times.