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The Chatterbox Pub's Microbrews: Mega good taste

Checking out the neighborhood pub is always a good thing to do, but it’s a must if you live near any of the Chatterbox Pubs in the Twin Cities area! These pubs are pretty cool, filled with a retro antique feel and you can find your favorite game to play here. Jenga, Nintendo and Uno are just some of the highlights of things to do at the Chatterbox. The menu is pretty good, too. But to me, it’s their beer list that makes them stand out.

The Chatterbox doesn’t have the largest selection of beers, but what they have is very exceptional. There are a few bottles that are worth trying: a few good Belgium’s and other imports, including Young’s Oatmeal Stout from England. They also have Carlsberg in a bottle- always a plus for me! Their draft selection is also alright. What stood out to me was Young’s Double Chocolate Stout Draft, which would definitely be worth trying. But when you come to the Chatterbox, the thing to try is their very own microbrewed drafts. There are five to choose from, and they are all very tasty. The Chatterbox Speakeasy Lager is a great choice: it has great flavor with a light tasting finish. Another notable brew is the Philosopher’s Stone Belgian Style Dubbel. This is a little more of a medium bodied taste that is very slightly hoppy, and tastes great. And then there is the Empyreal Pale Ale. For those who love pale ales, this is a good choice. There are a lot of good tastes with this one, and with a slightly hoppy taste it actually has a light finish.

So, be sure to check out your neighbor hood pub. And if your neighborhood pub is the Chatterbox, you will probably be spending a lot of time there.

The Chatterbox Pub has three locations: Linden Hills and Midtown Minneapolis, and Highland in Saint Paul.


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