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The Chattanooga Area Mothers of Multiples Club Increases Awareness of Multiple Births

CAMOMC raised awareness of multiple birth families during the Multiple Birth Awareness Month.
CAMOMC raised awareness of multiple birth families during the Multiple Birth Awareness Month.
Photo by Chattanooga Area Mothers of Multiples Club/David Walters

The Chattanooga Area Mothers of Multiples Club (CAMOMC), a member of the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs Inc. (NOMOTC), celebrated the second annual National Multiple Birth Awareness Month. On Sunday, April 18, CAMOMC held a Family Park Outing, which was open to any family in the Chattanooga area with multiple birth children.

Jennifer Majeske, coordinator of the event, says, “We want families with multiples in the community to be aware of the support and resources CAMOMC can provide [to them].”

The event was held at Harrison Bay State Park. Entertainment at the event included Pokey Dot the Clown, Elmo, arts and crafts, games and a “Multiple Mayhem” Contest.

Jennifer says, “It was great to see all the sets of multiples and their siblings laughing, dancing and playing together. There was something for all ages to enjoy.”

Sponsors of the Family Park Outing included Deli-Boys of Cleveland, Sticky Fingers at Hamilton Place, Sam's Club, Village Market in Ooltewah, Mayfield Dairy, McKee Foods, Chattanooga Zoo, Learning Express, Guppies in Cleveland, Children's Fair in Chattanooga, The Tree House in Chattanooga, Piggy Tails Boutique in Cleveland, ImagiPlay Toys, Green Toys, and Plan Toys.

Jennifer says, “CAMOMC was so blessed to have such wonderful sponsors who provided food, door prizes, arts and crafts and more. This event would not have happened without all of our fabulous sponsors.”

With multiple birth rates increasing rapidly, more and more families are facing the issues and challenges that only pertain to raising two, three or more children at the same time. National Multiple Birth Awareness Month offers the opportunity for CAMOMC to spread awareness about the issues that families face when raising multiples including what to know when expecting multiples; high risk pregnancy and pre-term labor; fetal issues such as TTTS or Twin-to-Twin-Transfusion Syndrome; prematurity and other physical problems associated with prematurity; twins with special needs; the increased demands of parenting multiples; school placement and identity issues.

The Chattanooga Area Mothers of Multiples Club (CAMOMC) was founded in 1975 and is designed to support and educate mothers and expectant mothers of multiple birth children through research, networking, education and other resources. CAMOMC covers a large portion of the southeastern Tennessee and northern Georgia areas, centering on Chattanooga. If you would like additional information on CAMOMC, click here.

NOMOTC was founded in 1960 and is comprised of local chapters and individual members primarily concerned with education and research pertaining to multiple birth children. NOMOTC serves more than 26,000 members with 400 clubs in 44 states across the country. For additional information on NOMOTC, click here.

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