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"The Chat Room" With Tony Wolf Paw and Bigfoot research specialist Dina Palizini

Tony Wolf Paw and "The Chat Room" on Blog Talk Radio
Tony Wolf Paw

Tony Wolf Paw list of topics are an array of thought provoking topics bringing specialists in various fields to his show daily.

"Founder of "Beyond the Veil Paranormal Research"... author of "Legends Meets Truth: Bigfoot in Rhode Island" is with us today to talk about her new book "Encounters... true stories of the North American Bigfoot".

I personally have the book in hand, and for those who enjoy reading about this legend, you will not want to miss this interview. because one of our producers had witnessed a the sounds of what appeared to be a Female Bigfoot.

How far do you think Bigfoot lives from you.Today you may find out"

Bigfoot has been an elusive creature of the North American folklore and modern day tales. Mystical creature that walks the dark forests of America and possibly beyond, he is know to more than one by several names. They range from "Almasty" to Barmanu, Big Hairy Monster, Chuchuna, Cave Spirit, Devil Monkey and Yuuri covering almost every letter of the alphabet. Every culture has spotted the mysterious creature who lurks in every part of the world who has their own story to tell surrounding the hairy giant.

The show features Dina Palizini who is a Bigfoot Research Specialist who is also a paranormal investigator who has seen her first ghost at the age of four, and has also seen our guest of honor, Bigfoot. As Dina tells us, "an avid paranormal researcher and investigator. I have seen ghosts since the age of four. I've only seen Bigfoot once. I consider myself to be both a paranormal investigator and Bigfoot researcher." She has also founded the paranormal investigative group - "Beyond the Veil Paranormal" research group in 2009.

This is a great show that Tony Wolf Paw again has brought to everyone from his Blog Talk Radio Show, "The Chat Room" be sure to listen as you will never want to miss a beat!

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