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The Charleston SC Civil War Show 2014 was a spectacular event.

There were many terrific antiques in this big show.  These guns belong to Bill Jackson of Edgefield, SC.
There were many terrific antiques in this big show. These guns belong to Bill Jackson of Edgefield, SC.
Clyde H. Shokes Jr.

The Charleston Civil War Show & Sale 2014 was held on Jan. 4th and 5th, 2014 at the Omar Shrine Temple in Mt. Pleasant, SC, just across the Cooper River from downtown Charleston.

I took these pictures.
Clyde H. Shokes Jr.

This was absolutely the best show of all of the twenty one years of Civil War Shows in Charleston, SC. There were more exhibitors with even better quality antiques of all types than ever before. The guns and swords that the show is so well known for were the most beautiful, the most unusual and included styles from other countries and much earlier periods. Most of the things are museum quality. The floor space and stage were completely filled with exhibits. It was as well attended, as it always is.

Military Images magazine had a display explaining who they are and what they do. They are “documenting the early photographic history of the U.S. soldier and sailor” in their quarterly publication. Exhibits like theirs are just one of the reasons antiques shoppers and collectors go to shows like this. It is one of the few ways to learn about new publications and the latest finds in Civil War era photography. And, there is always something new being discovered, perhaps a collection of photographs, or documentation concerning a picture documenting who it is, when it was taken, who took the picture or how it came to be collected.

Two of the best exhibitors that have been in previous shows that were there are Steve Broyles from Florida and Stephen Reed Lott of Cullowhee, NC. Randy Clark of the Low Country Coin Club also had an exhibit.

Mark Badgett of Confederate Steel had some of the best American Indian, South West Indian, Plains Indian artifacts in the show. He had an exceptionally nice, very beautiful peace pipe/tomahawk. There was turquoise jewelry including a large silver and turquoise cross.

Bill Jackson from Edgefield, SC, only does shows, like many of the exhibitors. He had some of the best things and was very polite and anxious to explain things and answer any questions. He had a large canon ball.

Addam Coe of Addam’s Artifacts was there with part of his collection. He is a local dealer and has a new shop at 49 John St. in downtown Charleston. Most antique shoppers would not have known this if they missed this show.

Real Art, a framing and matting company owned by Helen Bone in Goose Creek, SC, had an exhibit demonstrating what great work they can do locally. Their prices are much better than most frame shops. is their website. Antique shoppers need to know this. It is worth the trip to Goose Creek. They also sell finished, framed, artwork at affordable prices.

Perhaps the best exhibit of them all was that of J & R Ferris Antiques, LLC. Their exhibit was absolutely flawless. It was perfectly displayed. They had the most authentic looking things in the show. They were all very beautiful. The shelving and display was very professionally done. It was most obvious that they know what they are doing and they have the right stuff. The word amazing is one of the most overused words, but they truly had some of the most amazing things.

A big advantage of attending these shows is that you get to meet the dealers and can go to the websites of the major dealers. J & R Ferris Antiques website is, for example. After reading the information on the About Us page a potential buy always feels better about doing business with them. Scott R. Ferris was at the show himself to answer any questions.

More pictures of the show can be found at, the website on antique shopping in Charleston, SC.

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