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The Charles Lamb, a new favorite hideaway

A board explains the history of the pub's intriguing namesake.
A board explains the history of the pub's intriguing namesake.

Last week, aching for a great Bloody Mary in a quiet pub setting, this tech-savvy gal turned to the internet.  Google turned up a few comments on bars and clubs and swinging hot spots, but the only result that seemed close to the desired one was a small blip from the website of a small Angel pub: The Charles Lamb.

A pint well enjoyed.
Anne H. Putnam

The Charles Lamb, so called for the English essayist of the same name, may boast about their Bloody Mary recipe, but it's the atmosphere that really wins over patrons.  Push open the cheerily squeaky door and head inside for a bit of warmth from all corners; the fire is crackling in the next room, the boys behind the bar are smiling at you invitingly, and the local folk at the cozy tables nearby look happily disinterested in you. 

Here's a local pub where a newcomer feels right at home– no stares or glowers, in fact much to the contrary you may even get a polite "excuse me" and an apologetic grin as someone slides past!  Try not to let the shock knock you over.

And that's not all!  There's a great menu of well-priced drinks; they have a nice selection of real ales, including the hoppily delicious Dark Star, and yes, the Bloody Mary was good, if not quite crunchy enough for this SF celery-hound. 

In all, between the drinks, the atmosphere, and the lovely staff and patrons, The Charles Lamb has quickly become a new favorite!


  • viator 5 years ago

    Sounds like a lovely place, will have to try it sometime. Thanks for the review.

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