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The ChargeKey, a lifesaver for the Smartphone

We have a new tech product, of simple idea in a miniature size and form, called the ChargeKey ( This gadget fits on a key ring, having literally no weight and incredible flexibility. It allows one to charge or sync your Smartphone; plug one end into a USB port and the other end into your mobile device. In essence, the possibility of juicing up is very conveniently available, whether at someone’s house, the office, a library, etc.. And as noted by the manufacture, built to hang or bend.

Fits on a key chain.  Its not the size of the tech product, but the might
Fits on a key chain. Its not the size of the tech product, but the might
Photo by Keith McFarland
The Simple path to charge a SmartPhone
Photo by Keith McFarland

There is no doubt of how important the Smartphone has become to each of us in our daily life. When we reach a point where the battery is low, we are forced to adjust our usage, despite any urgency and overall needs, of the moment. The product that addresses that and offers a solution is probably worthy of consideration. Clearly, the ChargeKey takes such a direction.

Of course, how fast the charge, using the ChargeKey, may well depend upon your device, to whether one is using a laptop or desktop. I have a LGL35G. Personally, I found my desktop provided quicker charges, even with the phone on and streaming some internet based program; as for my old laptop, I found the best charge times occurred when I turned the phone off. Regardless though, I was satisfied with both in results and removal of the need to use wires.

It works with the iPhone, and devices in general, with Micro USB. They include Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, LG, Motorola, Kindle and more. The concept is pretty amazing to see it in action; yet so basic, as all you do is plug and let charge. With the central agent of instant communications, connectivity with Bluetooth devices, and for accessing the internet, being a mobile device, we either need ac power, a charged battery, or the means to keep the battery charged. The ChargeKey certainly helps in this realm and so easy to carry. And you’ll only forget it - if you forget the keys.

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