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The characteristics of a winning cover letter


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A customized cover letter is a must for advertised positions. It serves as a nice introduction for your resume and should entice the screeners to learn more about you. Most importantly, it should indirectly mention why you are the best candidate for the position. Below are four elements you should include in your online careers resume.

First include a personalized greeting or address your cover letter using the name of the hiring manager. You can acquire the hiring manager’s name by networking with individuals in your network. A personalized salutation will set you apart from other job seekers who use canned templates.

In the first sentence mention the purpose of your cover letter, the position you are applying for, and include some supporting details for why you are the ideal candidate. The goal of this first sentence is to convince the potential employer to continue reading your cover letter.

For the majority of your cover letter, link your previous accomplishments to the core skills the potential employer is seeking. To further distinguish yourself from the competition, you can also link some of your previous results to the major problems the potential employer is currently facing. This is insider knowledge you should acquired from your previous networking efforts.  

Finally conclude your cover letter by encouraging the potential employer to contact you to schedule an interview. Also include a sentence that tells the reader that you will contact the hiring manager by a certain date if you are not contacted by then.


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