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The Chaotic Good Bring Fresh Tracks and Robot to Cincinnati


Part of the experience of electronic music is the atmosphere created by musicians at the venue. Much like theatre, the stage is carefully arranged with imagery selected to translate a vibe to the audience. There is no room for the passive concert go-er at one of these shows, there is no "hanging out in the back" here. Electronic artists want to pull you into their world where you have no choice but to move. If Daft Punk tries to enhance performances with costumes and James Murphy exudes cool with his shirt and tie -- what message is The Chaotic Good sending you with their eight foot tall robot statue?

When you think about it, the careers of a newly famous hip-hop artist and electronic artist follow similar paths these days. First, you start by rapping over someone else’s song to showcase your own emcee skills. Once people start to see your unique talent you can pull your samples together into a mix tape and slip in a few of your original songs. At that point, you are performing and trying to build a buzz around your brand, waiting for a chance at a full record deal. It is no different for an electronic artist who remixes your favorite club songs into brand new versions that are sometimes even better than the original. This is a quick way to get people interested in your work and allows you opportunities to build an early collection of your work.

The Chaotic Good are finding themselves far along this path already. Their remix of “Baby Blue” is a popular selection from their remix album. You can find individual blogs praising their favorite track when you google the duo’s name. After winning the Heineken Remix Competition, The Chaotic Good’s early work has been validated enough that the duo has moved on to work with artists like DJ Jazzy Jeff. Currently they have arrived at a critical point of waiting for validation of their newly released EP of original material. The new EP, Synesthetic, was released on October 30, 2010 and is available for free download here.

The only question left after winning remix competitions and offering a first EP is are The Chaotic Good the next big thing? Tonight at Below Zero Lounge is a perfect opportunity for you to find out. The Chaotic Good are bringing their tour and maybe even their robot friend to town tonight. Take advantage of downloading the group’s new creative offering and then come experience it live tonight at 9:00pm, 21+.

The Chaotic Good are a group on the Chicago based record label RethinkPopMusic. You can download music from other artist like Cincinnati's own Eat Sugar at the RethinkPopMusic's store.


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