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The Chaos Room!

Chaos Room, Centerville, Ohio

The Chaos Room!  Depending on your age, that name sounds like one of the most interesting places to go.  That was at least the sentiment that I felt when I first heard about this place.  Thoughts danced around in my head as I tried to figure out exactly what this place was all about.  I decided to look into it a little more and discovered that not only was this place like video game wonderland, but in fact, it’s actually a nice family atmosphere even the older generations and enjoy.  Think of it as a cross between Chuck-E-Cheese and Dave and Buster’s.  The mix being, Chaos Room has the same great games, but with an older family environment.  Chuck-E-Cheese is a great place to take your children when they are 3-9, but what about when they are 10-15, and you don’t want them around the drinking and bar atmosphere of Dave and Buster’s.  The simple solution is The Chaos Room.

I admittedly was very skeptical after the first wave of excitement, but after going into and enjoying the huge gaming screens, which feature the likes of Madden, Call of Duty, and Halo, I was immediately hooked.  The theater style seating makes it easy to enjoy the 12 by 18 foot screens that let the gamer enjoy the action no matter the seat.  I have never seen a place that caters to the gamer like this place.  There are themed days every day of the week, as well as, tournaments and party rooms.  After checking out the website, which you can see here, I saw that they also do fundraisers for local sports teams and schools.  For more details about these fundraising opportunities feel free to check out their site.

I for one am glad to see that Dayton has finally begun to embrace the gaming community and I think that this development could really prosper in the future here in Dayton.  I suggest that everyone give this place at least one of your afternoons or evenings.  Definitely worth at least one trip.

For more info: For more info about this and related articles feel free to click on my picture above.  Also check out my website!  For more info on the Chaos Room click here.


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