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The Chantey: music, dancing and fun on Marina Bay

Marina Bay
Marina Bay
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Along the water in Quincy there is more nightlife than you would think. Marina Bay has great nightlife, especially in the summer. Nestled into the upscale restaurants and boutiques is a great little spot for music, dancing and fun. The Chantey is unassuming and modest. It's a great spot for running into local celebrities that want to have some fun. It’s mostly an older crowd during the off season, but it’s still a great place for the younger crowd to sing some karaoke or play trivia.

It's a small venue but only gets really crowded in the summer. The bathrooms are tidy but there are only two private bathrooms so there is usually a small line. Parking can be a hassle in the summer, but in the winter there is plenty of parking right outside the bar. During the warmer months, it can get a little too crowded and overwhelming, but from September to May it’s a great local spot to have a drink, some food and relax.

The food is typical bar fare and is pretty good, although nothing stands out as extraordinary. Karaoke night is always fun and draws a decent crowd. The dance floor is small and can get crowded late night even if the off season. With its glass walls and nautical theme, it has a nice waterfront feel. The bartenders are always attentive and fun. It’s a great place to have a fun, laid back night with friends. It doesn’t get too loud so it’s easy to have conversation as well as entertainment.

Get there:
The Chantey
333 Victory Rd
Quincy, MA 02171-3111


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