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The changing of seasons

Changing Seasons
Changing Seasons
Photo by Cherie Nicholson

Can you feel it? The first hints of Fall in the air? This is my favorite time of year. For me, this season ushers in a time of new beginnings with the upcoming holidays and smiles on the faces of children. And really, is there a happier time of year?

But for some, the changing of seasons can bring up unpleasant memories; love lost, life changes, or a reminder of getting older.

The changing of the seasons often involves making changes in our closets, as well as our lives; letting go of those things that don't fit any longer, purging, and making room for the new season.

Maybe we haven't been as faithful as we should have been in our giving or in saving for our future. Consider examining these things as the seasons change.

Even if this isn't your favorite time of the year, remember to get up, put on a smile, and be grateful for this season in your life. All too soon, this season will be just a memory.