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The changing focus on job hunting, forget searching by company

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If your job search is taking longer than you anticipated perhaps it is because you are taking the wrong approach. Joyce Fortier-Paxton, executive resume writer and coach at Create Your Career, recommends that you focus on finding people instead of the traditional way people have been hunting for their next career.

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“Conduct a people search instead of a job search,” she recommends, “spend your time connecting with other people instead of looking for specific jobs on job boards or in ads.”

Her tactic supports the well accepted saying that it is not what you know it is who you know. By enlisting a champion at a company that could possibly have openings you will position yourself about the other applicants.

Taking a soft approach will increase your chances that you do not want to put old friends and coworkers on the spot or make them feel bad for not being able to help you with a specific opening. By reconnecting you are letting them know that you respect their opinions and they will help you automatically if they can.

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