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The changing face of Facebook

You are probably one of the Facebook members that view your page throughout the day. The time spent on a mobile device has 20 percent of the time devoted to Facebook. Change is coming in the next couple of weeks that will affect how you use the world’s largest social network, according to the New York Times.

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp for $19 billion
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Facebook will remove its instant messaging feature from its smartphone apps. That will result in a change for the hundreds of millions of people of its 1.2 billion users. To keep connected with your friends you will need to install the company’s separate Messenger app.

France, England and the Scandinavian countries will be forced to change first and later followed by the US. You need not wait however, and you can download the Messenger app at the Android or the Apple store now.

What are the advantages to the Facebook user? It will be more streamline in its features and quicker in its turn-a-around-time. Certain features that compete with WhatsApp will appear in this changed format, so you are advancing to a more updated approach in your ease of sending messages.You will be able to quickly send a photo and voice message with the ‘sticker’ of emotion look or other funny and cute images that express your thoughts and feelings. You may get a smile returned to make your day.

The Facebook app due to the split from the main Facebook app will have a better opportunity to handle the news feed and status updates. Tech and Net giants are always introducing an upgrade so this should be viewed as a positive enhancement. Facebook’s Messenger app has been in the top ten of apps to date since last November. That translates to this separation and change in how it is listed will boost Facebook’s standings in messaging apps.

There may be the extra effort required to go into the app and change the ‘floating’ chat head that will remain on your app all day unless you remove it. The new feature is viewed at Facebook as a positive change for you and Facebook. It will allow more ad time to reach you simply because you are there more of the time which is good for Facebook and your user experience will become enhanced.

This change is part of a master plan. Facebook will no longer bundle these features but break out into separate apps that the various user can access. ‘What we’re doing with Creative Labs is basically unbundling the big blue app,’ stated Zuckerberg at a recent interview at the firm’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.

The plan of breaking out separate apps has been done at Facebook since 2011 with the Messenger text –message app as a stand-a-lone app. Releasing apps from Facebook’s Creative Labs division without its name on the app began with its first release of ‘Paper’, an iPhone app that lets users navigate Facebook’s News Feed through touch and move across the screen was introduced in January. It has not been a large success.

A Google type analytics moment came to Zuckerberg when WhatsApp was purchased. He realized that WhatsApps and Messenger were used for different reasons by different people, Zuckerberg comments that, ‘I think we basically saw that the messaging space is bigger than we’d initially realized.’

A huge benefit is that WhatsApp and Instagram can benefit from Facebook dedicated users as a resource but not be a detriment to Facebook. Zuckerberg says that, ‘one of the things that we’re trying to do with Creative Labs and all our experiences is explore things that aren’t all tied to Facebook identity.’ In its evolution to this epiphany, Facebook may have a new outlook beyond being Facebook.

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