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The Challenges While Waiting

Hopefully your job search has had some peaks and has not been a complete valley experience where the phone just doesn’t ring. However, until you are in that next great position, you are bound to face some challenges while waiting. How you face and overcome those challenges will be your unique journey, but if you are to land that “perfect for you” job, you might just have to wait.

Waiting is challenging for a lot of reasons, both external and internal. You may have well meaning people around you looking at you like you are not being productive, or they may even feel that you should have found something by now. Don’t let this discourage you. Depending on your chosen field, waiting may prove to pay off in the end. Also, you will face rejection by employers, employers who fail to respond at all, or even worse those that offer a salary that you can’t possibly survive on.

These are all challenges while waiting for the job tailor made for you, but remember waiting doesn’t mean failing to be proactive. Waiting is just the time between you putting yourself, “out there” and some lucky employer realizing that they can’t stay in business and/or turn a profit without you. So stay encouraged, face the challenges head on while you’re waiting and never give up.

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