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The Challenge to Excel

If you, like me, had some kind of "Christian" upbringing or background, you have more than likely heard the phrase "Be in the world but not of the world."
Metaphysically speaking one of the main lessons of this phrase and the passage of the Bible that is often referenced as well, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Rom. 12:2)" is that we are to raise our consciousness to a point where the illusory nature of the world; that of ego and of materialism are not the things that control or dictate the quality of our lives.

Life offers us many opportunities to remember how great we truly are; we are being called to step into our greatness more and more each day!
Life offers us many opportunities to remember how great we truly are; we are being called to step into our greatness more and more each day!
Challenge yourself to always be and do your best

Now, I mention this today because of several reasons.
The ALS Ice bucket challenge has hit the world by storm and has raised well over 10 Million dollars for ALS research and treatment. And as someone who grew up in a household where my father lived with the experience of ALS for many years, I and many other families are grateful that awareness and money is being raised.

On the flip side of the coin are those who criticize and condemn people for doing the challenge, calling it stupid, annoying, etc. especially in light of such things as water shortages, violence in Ferguson, and the war and destruction happening in Gaza.
On any given day there are thousands of things that can rock our very foundations, GMO, HMO, ALS, HIV, . . . fluoride in the water, pesticides on and chemicals in our foods, Ebola and other terrifying diseases and on and on the list could go!
And these are but a few of the many traumatic, dramatic, and problematic things happening in our world and yet let's look back at the lesson of being in but not of the world.

As metaphysicians we are being called to a higher level of awareness, insight, and activism where we are not necessarily pulled to the baser levels of the worldly stage. Rather we are to hold the higher consciousness, seeing through eyes of love, compassion and grace while challenging ourselves to a higher way of being.
In this light we are being asked what can I do?
It is very easy to feel hopeless and helpless when you see so much happening that is beyond our control and yet as someone once said, "If you can change it, why worry about it and if you cannot change it, why worry about it?" Worry does not solve, resolve, or absolve one from living life fully.
Again, ask what can I do?

Last month, I watched a video on Facebook of a young man break dancing.
The thing about his dancing that moved me was the fact that he was on crutches and had only one leg!
Many of us spend a great deal of time complaining about what we cannot do when there are people with less who do more. Nick Vujicic as I have mentioned many times has no arms of legs, and yet he golfs, surfs, is married and a father as well as a world renowned motivational speaker!

I was also recently struck to my emotional core by the transition of Robin Williams and in my state of healing one of the things I felt called or motivated to do was create a Facebook page and a challenge for each of us to be Excellent in our lives! As each of us becomes excellent, one by one the world will shift and change!
What can I do? I can become a person of excellence in my own life! I can stand for and represent the best I can possibly be. . . Being the change by changing my own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions.

"The Challenge to Excel"
Is this a challenge you are willing to embark upon?
Go to for more information and to join other like minded people on the journey of excellence!

I, Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson, challenge myself and anyone reading this to pick 3 things you are passionate about that you have been putting off, avoiding, or making excuses about why you can't be, do, have it... and gather your resources, energy, team, power, and then GO FOR IT!

Who is up to accepting THIS challenge???

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