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'The Chair' update: Kickstarter goal reached, John Siciliano joins cast

Indie horror film “The Chair” exceeded its Kickstarter campaign goal of $40,000 on July 31, by ending with 499 backers pledging $42,033. Creator of the graphic novel on which the film is based, Peter Simeti, couldn’t be more thrilled that supporters rallied in the last few hours to surpass the goal and help the film get funded.

Cast members of upcoming indie film 'The Chair.'
Photo via Peter Simeti Used with Permission

According to a statement Examiner received from Simeti on Aug 1, actor John Siciliano (“The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie,” “The Young and the Restless”) has also been cast in the role of Sammy, one of the prison inmates. Siciliano tackles a very gritty role as Sammy endures unspeakable torture along with his fellow inmates who are all trapped and at the mercy of the sadistic warden (played by Bill Oberst, Jr.) who is determined to “punish” the prisoners for their crimes as he sees fit.

Siciliano joins an incredibly talented cast in this dark tale of physical and psychological terror including Brian Thompson (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), Oscar nominee Eric Roberts (“Runaway Train"), Naomi Grossman (“American Horror Story: Asylum”), Robert “Corpsy” Rhine (“Girls and Corpses”), Susan Eisenberg (“Wonder Woman”), Kin Shriner (“General Hospital”), Kyle Hester (“The Book of Daniel”) and more.

Naomi Grossman, who is widely known for her brilliant portrayal of Pepper on "American Horror Story: Asylum," is just one of several cast members to admit jumping on board the project due to the stellar writing and the complex layers and themes that surface in the story. Horror and comic fans alike will be in for a frightening and fascinating ride as Richard Sullivan and the rest of "The Chair" characters leap out of the pages of the popular graphic novel and onto the screen.

Excitement is mounting for the upcoming film which has garnered tremendous support from fans and congratulatory messages have been streaming across “The Chair’s” Facebook and Twitter sites since the goal announcement was made on July 31. The July campaign followed a previous Kickstarter campaign with a larger $300,000 goal that was not met. Despite the goal shortage, the first campaign was a great success in attracting investor and distributor interest, which will ultimately help the film get made.

The recently ended smaller campaign endured a bit of its own dramatic suspense, with a $2,000 loss of funds that ardent supporters rallied to recover in the last nail-biting two hours. This enabled a $42,000 stretch goal to be reached that comes jam-packed with extra goodies for all backers who pledged seven dollars or more including a copy of the movie soundtrack, a PDF of the screenplay, the backer’s name in the film end credits and a “Keep Calm and Hide the Bodies” 2” x 2” sticker.

Surpassing the $40,000 goal marks a big hurdle crossed and a great victory for everyone involved with bringing “The Chair” to life. Peter Simeti, fellow members of “The Chair” creative team, Director Chad Ferrin, and various cast members have reached out to fans and backers throughout both Kickstarter campaigns to offer up messages of appreciation for their enthusiastic support of this project via the campaign and social media sites. A fun bloody hand print high-five was posted on the Kickstarter page shortly after the campaign closed, along with heartfelt thanks (and probably a collective sigh of relief!)

Be sure to check out the attached video posted on YouTube by AlternaComics in which Peter Simeti answers some fan Twitter questions about the film. Stay tuned for updates on filming and more news on “The Chair” as it becomes available via @PeterSimeti, @AlternaComics and @TheCHAIRhorror.

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