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'The Chair' Q & A: Peter Simeti talks Kickstarter re-launch and meeting new goal

New Stretch Goal Rewards for 'The Chair' Kickstarter Backers-slide0
Peter Simeti Used with Permission

Alterna Comics President/Publisher Peter Simeti has reason to celebrate as the re-launch of his Kickstarter campaign for the indie horror film “The Chair" has met its new $40,000 goal. In fact, at the time of this printing on July 10, 211 backers have pledged more than $42,000. This means the campaign is nearing its first $45,000 stretch goal reward of a copy of the seven song soundtrack for every backer.

Indie horror movie "The Chair" is based on the graphic novel by Peter Simeti.
Photo via Peter Simeti Used with Permission

The star-studded cast for the smartly written film adaptation includes Brian Thompson (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), Oscar nominee Eric Roberts (“Runaway Train”), Naomi Grossman (“American Horror Story”), Bill Oberst, Jr. (“Children of Sorrow”), Susan Eisenberg (“Wonder Woman”) and Kin Shriner (“General Hospital).

Social media support has been high for on the film’s Twitter and Facebook pages. There has been positive buzz about the film since the launch of the first Kickstarter campaign. Fans are anxious for the film to get made and Kickstarter backers can’t wait to receive their rewards.

It’s important to note that the first initial Kickstarter goal of $300,000 did not get met. Therefore, anyone who previously pledged will not be charged for that first campaign pledge. In order to receive the rewards a backer originally selected, a new pledge has to be made on the new Kickstarter campaign for the amount corresponding to the desired reward.

Despite the fact that the first goal was not met, exciting things are happening with the film and I caught up with “The Chair” creator Peter Simeti to get a quick status update in the following Examiner exclusive email Q & A.

E: How does it feel to have surpassed your Kickstarter re-launch goal for the film?

PS: Great! I'm so touched and humbled by everyone who's coming out to support this film. There's a bunch of new supporters as well as old ones so that's great to see as well. Re-launching a Kickstarter is definitely not as simple as just putting up another one and sending an update to old backers. It still requires A TON of work to get people motivated like they were the first time around and to make sure that people are actually receiving the message. Confidence in a project can be lost when a Kickstarter fails, but we were fortunate to have success in our failure (acquiring investor and distributor interest) and also fortunate to build such a strong core fan base that strongly believes in this film and our cast and crew.

E: What are the next steps in the process?

PS: Right now we are building towards stretch goals. These are unofficial milestones that, once we reach these amounts, will unlock rewards for many qualifying backers. Our first stretch goal reward is set at $45,000 and once we reach that, every backer will receive a seven song soundtrack inspired by the film. The next reward is unlocked at $50,000 and will provide every backer who contributed $25 or more, with a set of 5 signed prints exclusive only as a stretch goal bonus. The $60,000 reward is a fun one for everybody because even if someone put in $1 - they will still get a digital copy of our film. At $75,000 we have a real special reward that involves all backers who contributed $25 or more, receiving an exclusive mega-sized Kickstarter edition of the graphic novel with a screenplay included in the book, behind-the-scenes pictures from the set, production notes from the film, pictures from this Kickstarter, and more. And, our final stretch goal (for now) is the $100,000 bonus which has the most fun and most exclusive reward - a variant mini-poster with a "bloody" hand-print from me and signed by the cast and crew for backers who pledged more than $50 - and as an extra bonus every backer will get a fun-size 100 GRAND candy bar :D

E: Can you tell us any more about potential backers or distributors on the project?

PS: It's hard to go into detail right now, but we are in talks with a few more potential cast members as well as a distributor that might even get this movie into theaters. But even if that doesn't happen and we just end up releasing the film on DVD/Blu-Ray on Netflix and other Video On Demand and Streaming sites, that's just as awesome to me. I watch 90% of my TV and movies through those services and I've discovered a lot of great films that way - so it'd be an awesome feeling to know other people will be discovering our film in the same way.

Get updates on "The Chair" via the film's Twitter account @TheCHAIRHorror

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