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'The Chair' news: New Kickstarter campaign sails toward $40,000 goal

A new Kickstarter campaign was launched on July 1 with a new lower $40,000 funding goal for indie horror film “The Chair” which is based on the graphic novel of the same name by creator and co-artist Peter Simeti. At the time of this printing on July 3, 125 backers have pledged more than $24,500.

Actress Naomi Grossman is known for her role as Pepper in 'American Horror Story: Asylum' and will play Mother in the upcoming indie horror film 'The Chair.'
Photo via Peter Simeti Used with Permission

The film’s original fundraiser ended on June 29 and more than $123,000 was raised of a $300,000 initial budget. While the goal was not met, the good news is several private investors have jumped on board to back the film, which has also garnered interest from a prominent distributor.

“The Chair” is directed by Chad Ferrin and spins a tale of gripping psychological terror in which Richard Sullivan (Brian Thompson) fights for his life as a death row inmate at a prison where acts of unspeakable torture also occur. Will Richard beat the seemingly desperate odds and survive? His sanity is ultimately questioned in the very dark story that explores heavy but important themes like domestic violence, child abuse and mental health care.

Brian Thompson (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) stars along with Oscar nominee Eric Roberts (“Runaway Train”), Bill Oberst Jr. (“Children of Sorrow”), Naomi Grossman (“American Horror Story”), Kin Shriner (“General Hospital”), Susan Eisenberg (“Wonder Woman”) and more.

The new campaign enjoyed a terrific first day re-launch with 94 backers pledging almost $14,000. There are 27 days to go to reach the new lower goal which is slated to help cover pre-production costs.

Horror buffs and indie film enthusiasts should be pleased to know a plethora of great rewards are once again in place and vary according to pledge amounts. Some of the great goodies available include a signed 8 x 10 of Naomi Grossman (who was brilliant in her role as Pepper in “American Horror Story: Asylum”) for a pledge of $30 or more, signed original artwork by “The Chair” creator Peter Simeti for $27 or more, a movie and screenplay combo pack that includes “The Chair” on DVD or Blu-Ray and a signed copy of the script by Erin Kohut (screenwriter) and Peter Simeti (creator, writer, co-artist) for a $65 or more pledge.

Plus, there are all kinds of fun rewards which allow backers to get involved with the film like your name in the end credits, a role in the film as an extra, and an opportunity to attend a private screening of the film in Los Angeles, California with some of the cast and crew (backer must cover your own travel and lodging).

See a full list of pledge amounts and corresponding rewards on “The Chair’s” new official Kickstarter page and stay tuned to “The Chair” on Facebook for updates.

According to site statistics, Kickstarter has raised over one billion dollars and successfully funded more than 64,000 projects. Becoming a backer on “The Chair” is a great way for film lovers to support the creative arts and join fellow supporters to take this riveting story beyond the printed page and bring the characters to life on the screen.

It’s rare when a horror movie delves beneath the fright factor to deliver a story packed with intense themes and emotional depth. Therefore, being part of getting this bold original story told carries intrinsic rewards for avid fans that surpass the fun and exciting tangible items of movie memorabilia.

Visit “The Chair’s” Kickstarter campaign page for more information about pledging and becoming a backer.

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