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The Certainty of Focus

Dana Point Harbor on a Tuesday
Dana Point Harbor on a Tuesday

This is a directed life you are living. Yes there are shortcuts. These shortcuts all involve the special quality of focus that you attain again and again within your mind and the pathways of thought that you choose to follow or be led by. Imagine in this context that you are setting the parameters of thought that you choose to work within and then imagine that all along the way you also get to choose which deviations are permissible and which are are. What this means is that you have to be conscious just as you would be when climbing a mountaintop so that you do not lose your footing causing you to slide backwards even to the point of where you will have to start upwards again. Therefore it is the direction you take in life that leads you to wherever it is you think you want to arrive at.

Amazing Grace

In terms of Kabbalah this intention is called kavannah. Kavannah implies an inward focus that instead of straying from its goal deepens more and more as the process continues. In order to bring out the most with this kavannah you start with the idea that you are building an atmosphere of thought within that is both complementary and uplifting so that all of your steps will be related to your intention and you can be assured those steps are carrying you above to your intended goal.

Proverbs 1:8 "Hear, my son, the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the teaching of thy mother;"

There is a unity of purpose. It is a marrying of intention to outcome. We read about Qudsha Brikh Hu marrying Shekhinta, uniting with Her. Without union there is galus or exile. Our intention must have follow through. Follow through means that we continue to think about the certainty of the outcome that we have initially expressed in our intention. This is how we create the environment for a sustained awareness, a natural flow of being, the consciousness of Shekhinta.

In order to perfect the focus of intention we must travel over and over the ground of our awareness so that we are infusing every step with our intention. In this way the ground becomes more familiar with each pass giving rise to the certainty of our focus.

This entire exercise has been to acquaint you with the idea that your thoughts are like a fishing line that goes deeper into the depths of your awareness bringing forth the “catch” you are after. While this is happening your consciousness becomes self aware. It notices that changes are taking place and that the active changes are the result of the initiating focus. In this way your awareness is unified with itself and the outcome is self evident. B”H.

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