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The centrality of the resurrection

Teh woman See a Great Light
Teh woman See a Great Light

The church bells will be ringing this Easter Sunday, but how many will be listening? Though fewer and fewer Christians these days will make their way to churches that base their beliefs on the Bible, still a remnant remains. And that's all God needs to build His Church. Central to the building of God's holy, apostolic, and one true church is the belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For the Christian, Resurrection Sunday towers above all other beliefs. Like the pine tree shooting up towards the eastern sky, etched against its cerulean blue, Christ's empty tomb dwarfs the cedars of Lebanon. The centrality of the death and resurrection still grabs our attention, even hidden amongst Easter Eggs and chocolate bunnies. It is the cornerstone of the Christian faith. Without the belief that Christ was raised from the dead, we are a hopeless people indeed and have nothing to base our faith on as this part of the earth turns away from the truth, though other countries are discovering the truth. We would do well to remember that without this eternal truth, our hope is as flimsy as a vapor in the sky.

In this one single event of the Resurrection of Christ, rests all other truths about the Messiah, our Savior. For His death could not save us from our sins if He did not rise from the dead and prove He was indeed the "Son of God". No other religion can make that claim because no one else was raised up by the Father. The Resurrection proved that God knew what He was doing and Satan did not.

Like the power of the Westerly winds, the Resurrection firmly planted the concept of God and man as truth. Though Jesus lived and moved and dwelt among us, His Spirit was born of God. In His death, He was set free from the earthly shell and took on His spiritual form. Because of the work that was accomplished on the cross and in the tomb, we are set free from the power of sin and death.

While the crucifixion is the crossbeam or transept of our faith, the Resurrection is the axis, around which all other beliefs revolve. Though many so called historical shows start out to disprove the truth of the resurrection, their lies are just another proof that this is such an important belief that the enemy will go to any length, even twisting the facts to prove his alien theory. The truth of the Resurrection plunges deep and nails the coffin on Satan's plan to destroy the Son of God, proving once again that Satan was playing into God's hand just as Pharaoh did when God desired to set His people free. For the cross sets us free from the power of sin and the Resurrection seals the coffin on death, lifting us into heavenly places where Christ dwells.

His Holy Spirit can now dwell within us, leading and guiding us in all truth. It is Christ' death and resurrection that brought life to us and allowed the Holy Spirit to dwell within us. Another befit we receive from the Father because of the Son. The bells that toll and ring out on Easter morn are announcing a glorious resurrection of a new life with Christ when we accept what He has done for us. When we pass from this life to the next, we will experience a resurrection of our own. His resurrection announces our ability to pass from this life to join Him in the next. Nothing proves this heavenly life more than the Resurrection of the Christ. It is a circle that our life here on earth revolves around and in the world to come.