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The Central Hockey League's take on pro hockey in New Mexico


  • Greg 6 years ago

    I agree with the commissioner, that "entertainment" is a selling point in the U.S. markets. The Scorpions final marketing phrase, "Come for the Fun, Stay for the Excitement" was an attempt at this sales, but they did nothing new to generate the "fun" for all the fans. They added a "Kids' Zone" when they reduced the number of seats in the arena, but that was sort of an after thought when they wanted to try to make the arena look more full...and the "Kids' Zone" was not always there. My wife and I, having visited some other leagues and greatly successful markets, tried to suggest some "intermission entertainment activities" to the Scorpions staff, but those suggestions were never given any attention. This was one of the organization's issues...they would ask for assitance and then ignore the fans, lest the staff member not get cedit for the ideas..or they just did not have the "pull" with the management to get the suggestion considered.

  • ABQHockeyExaminer 6 years ago

    You're right Greg. Several fans have mentioned that they tried to give the team ideas and none were acted upon. I felt that the Scorpions were on the right track last season in hiring new GM, Gary Gelinas, but I think the team was too far gone in money problems, etc. for Gelinas to make any real changes.

  • Robi 6 years ago

    I don't know why people in New Mexico had a problem driving to the arena. People in major cities ie: Denver , Dallas & Phoenix , think nothing of driving an hour to go to a sporting event. Shuttles would be a lot of help I think.
    The police in Rio Rancho have a reputation of stopping people who have been drinking. while it's good for the community it killed people driving to the arena. People wanted to have a "couple of beers" at the game but in this day & age can't afford to get tickets or put in jail. No one wants to lose their job.
    There needs to be reasonable priced food & drinks.
    When I bought 2 hamburgers , 2 fries & 2 medium soft drinks it was $22.00, That gets pricey for a bigger family.
    The price might have not been such a shock if the food had been really good. It wasn't ! There were no choices in vendors. Having other vendors would have meant better food.
    I heard about several people say that they got really sick from eating the chicken strips.
    I hope we get hockey

  • Robi 6 years ago

    I agree Gary Gelinas didn't get to NM in time. He might have saved hockey if he had been here from the start.
    The ownership hired really bad mangers before him.
    There has to be advertising to get people who aren't traditional hockey fans to the games. Being a die hard I needed no motivation past hockey. Other people wanted to meet wrestlers or who ever. If it gets people to the arena I say bring it.
    It was sad to have people tell me "I didn't know we had a hockey team here."

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