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The Celebrity Secret to Perfect Lashes!



I have stubborn stick-straight lashes - lashes that have been through countless trials of different brands and types of mascara. I currently have about 20+ tubes of mascara in my makeup kit but I only use one: Maybelline New York's Define-A-Lash Waterproof. Only Maybelline has created a mascara that finally lets my lashes keep that curl while also giving me the impression of false lashes. But putting on mascara every day gets tiring and for some reason they never look as good as Kim Kardashian's. But I found the secret that celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, use. Two words: eyelash extensions.

Lucky Magazine, Elle, and Vogue have all praised Le Petite Retreat Day Spa for their eyelash extensions. After my visit to their secluded spa I could definitely see why. My lashes look natural yet they're so full and lush that I catch myself staring at my new lashes every chance I get - definitely a driving hazard! They have a permanent curl that I love because I don't have to pick up my eyelash curler till these fall out (they fall out when your lashes natural lifespan)! My worries about getting eyelash extensions about them looking too fake, irritating my eyes, inconveniences of worrying about them falling out, etc... all faded away while testing them for the past couple weeks. You can request how natural/full you want your lashes to look, don't be afraid to let your technician know about your reserves, they were so helpful and definitely made my first time getting eyelash extensions a wonderful experience. Le Petite Retreat Day Spa and they have excellent taste in judgement so you can put your full trust in their skillful hands. 

With these new lashes, there are a some minor drawbacks that you should be aware of. Instead of washing your face by splashing water, I instead use a hand towel to wipe off my cleanser and carefully avoid the eye area. It's recommended that you buy Le Petite Retreat Day Spa's specialized organic eye makeup remover because their makeup remover won't loosen the glue on your lashes, so you get to have your lashes last to their fullest extent! Basically, with eyelash extensions you just have to be careful of water, heat and just be a bit more conscience about your movements (which can be quite hard because I can't even feel them - another plus!). If you have any other questions feel free to check out their FAQ page here.

For eyelashes that last up to 4-6 weeks, at $150, their pros definitely out weigh their cons. The glue in wearing false lashes can cause lashes to fall out prematurely and may cause irritation. Getting ready in the morning is so easy and saves me so much time. I even feel comfortable going out without wearing any eye makeup - and believe me, I never go out without at least eyeliner - because these lashes make going natural look so chic! I absolutely love the new look and it's definitely transformative. So make your appointment now, it's just something you have to try at least once. Believe me - you won't regret this splurge! My next must-try is their signature Jade Stone Massage. If it's anything like their eyelash extensions - I know I won't be disappointed! 

Le Petite Retreat Day Spa: 331 N. Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90004 / PHONE: 323-466-1028