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'The Celebrity Apprentice' 2014 spoilers:Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore battle

Spoilers are out and Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore will be on "The Celebrity Apprentice" 2014. It turns out that these two are not going to get along very well at all. On Friday, She Knows shared that Kenya and Brandi are going to battle on the upcoming season of the show. They have been filming for a bit now so this also spoils that neither one of them goes home right away.

Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

People that are insiders on the show are revealing secrets. They say that these two are fighting and it is getting out of control. It really does sound like Brandi is the one behind the fights and causing the problems. Reports are that Brandi has attacked her in every way she can calling her names and more. Trump knew that bringing these two on the show would make the ratings soar.

Reports say that Donald Trump has already reprimanded Brandi. If that is true, you have to assume that no matter how well she is doing on the show that he might be sending her home soon. If he is smart though, he will keep Kenya and Brandi both around to keep everyone watching the drama each week.

Kenya Moore recently posted on Twitter something that could have been about Brandi. She said, "If people are trying to pull you down remember they are already beneath you. Have a blessed day." It is pretty easy to assume that this has to do with all of the fighting going with her new reality TV show. She has also shared a few pictures with fans by retweeting them. Working to earn money on this series ends up letting you meet a lot of your fans at events and on the streets.

Don't miss "The Celebrity Apprentice" 2014 when it airs soon on NBC. Brandi and Kenya's battle is only going to be part of the drama. Viewers can't wait to see how Donald Trump handles these two.

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