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The caustic mouth and mind of the slithery, slimy Harry Reid, Part 2

Measure of the many Harry Reid lies

Meet the slithery Harry Reid!
Gerald J. Furnkranz
Reid righteousness smells to high heaven!
Cartoon by Gerald J. Furnkranz

Harry Reid told the American people 1.6 million jobs had been lost because of sequester, leaving the expectation it would be even more. The (GAO) Government Accounting Office recently reported only one government job was lost because of the sequester. This quantifies the magnitude of the liar Harry Reid is, inflating the figure 1,600,000 percent. That is a huge, massive, gigantic lie Reid has perpetrated. He is a colossal liar who cannot be believed or trusted.

Bundy land grab

Reid with his sharp, lose and forked tong has labeled Cliven Bundy supporters as terrorists, just as he did the Tea Party! Again like a big trapped rat he goes for the throat to protect his territory that which he squeezes from government through his corruption. Reid throws up a smoke screen of lies about turtles, when at the heart of his hostility against Cliven Bundy is a billion dollar deal with the Chinese.

Reid dirty land deals

Harry Reid has risen from poverty to a multi-millionaire during his lifetime in “Public Employment”. He has been part of many clouded land deals where his returns have been questionably high. Ties to organized crime and Las Vegas power brokers have been suspected. Still, Reid escapes inspection and investigation of all his suspect dealings and outright lying!

Reid the racist

Outside the Beltway January 2010 attributes to John Heilemann and Mark Halprin “Some borderline racist comments Reid made regarding Barack Obama.” Reid described then candidate Obama as “A light skinned African American with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one!” One could surmise highlighting Obama’s differences shows his opinion of all African Americans. Is Reid the Donald Sterling of the federal government?