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The caustic mouth and mind of the slithery, slimy Harry Reid, Part 1

Harry Reid carries out his government responsibilities with selfish consideration to his own profit and power. He has a very low opinion of the American People whom he ignores to enhance his own wallet and position.

The snake with forked tong!
The snake with forked tong!
Cartoon By Gerald J. Furnkranz

The smell of the people offensive to Harry Reid

According to FOX News, Huffington Post and many other sources Harry Reid’s take on the new Senate visitor center that opened, December 2, 2008, is he won’t have to “smell the tourists (the “American People”) anymore.” The project finishing at $621 million, running more than $350 million over budget, and four years behind schedule. Reid spared no expense to remove the stinky people from his life, creating even more offensive smells coming out of Washington. Reid’s attitude of a smelly public has shown clearly and grown in intensity since then.

Mean girl Harry Reid declares Tea Party terrorists

Harry Reid viciously and with great animosity labels the Tea Party as terrorists! Those people using the mechanisms of the Constitution to challenge over the top and corrupt government behaviors are considered by Mr. Reid as terrorists. Why does Senator Reid fear the Constitution? An organized and systematic method to question government provided by the founding fathers has Reid calling the people anarchists. Why does Reid rhetorically go for the throat like a rat backed into a corner when the people express their concerns about his government?

The Romney lies

One of Harry Reids greatest skills, like Obama’s is lying! He carried Obama’s lies forward, during the 2012 presidential election that Romney had not paid his taxes in ten years! Leading a parade of Obama liars with that false accusation throughout the election cycle and winning the election with every dirty trick by smearing Romney’s reputation. Harry Reid has no shame spreading unabashed lies from his bully pulpit in the Senate as the Majority Leader.

Obamacare liars

With all the lies spread by Obama and his administration to scam the people on the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, hypocritical Harry Reid has the audacity to call those people exposing their lies as the liars. A long train of Obamacare lies like you can keep your policy and your doctors to it will be cheaper and better are proving to be outright scams. Obama said the people would save $2,500 a year when it is now being estimated it will cost them $2,500 a year, a $5,000 swing, a significant error! Reid a liar in his own right has no problem supporting Obama’s lies!