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The Catholic sex abuse scandal in the modern world


  • Anne Rice 6 years ago

    I'm sorry, but I, as a loyal Catholic, cannot agree with the thrust of your post. I believe the Catholic church is getting a fair shake in the media and always has. But the media will not back down from investigating a scandal which the church itself has not handled properly and which has caused untold suffering in children who have been abused. We must remember that the Church is an international organization of unique scope, and the scope of the scandal is horrifying. I, for one, want answers. I want to know what Benedict knew and when he knew it. I want bishops who covered up clergy abuse to come clean about what they did, and where and how. --- I think you're being far too easy on the church for a whole variety of reasons here. I ask you to reconsider. Speak up, along with other Catholics, for reform in your church. Anne Rice, Rancho Mirage, California 92270

  • Lenny Figorski 6 years ago

    Amy, do you not see a pattern here? Witness intimidation and obstruction of justice, secrecy and darkness in the United States, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands. NONE of the bishops that perpetrtaed this outrage on their flocks has been punished, not one. If it were not the the "anti-Catholic" mainstream media, we Catholics would know nothing about any of this. I have come to the conviction that the single most important purpose of the Catholic Church is to ensure the continuity of the Church and to avoid scandal at any cost, including the immortal souls of the flock. God help us all.

  • owlafaye 6 years ago

    There is no fanatic quite like a convert to Catholicism. She swallowedf and the myth, hook, line and sinker. Lots of fools out there.

  • Jehovah Witness too 6 years ago

    Respected Jehovah's Witness groomed and molested young girls over years
    Yorkshire Post - Olwen Dudgeon - ?Dec 15, 2009?

    A RESPECTED Jehovah's Witness who served as an elder betrayed the trust placed in him by abusing young girls. ...

    Church Jehovah's Witness elder abused young girls Bramley Today
    ht t p://

    Jehovah's Witnesses proselytizer molest a child in their door to door 'witnessing'

    ht t p://

  • Mark 6 years ago

    I think you are right on this Amy. The Church has been targeted by the media. More effort is spent trying to tie the Pope to the scandal than trying to understand the pain that the victims went through and to make sure that it does not happen again. While this has and continues to be a painful lesson for the Church, it is also a lesson for society in general. These type of scandals have been swept under the rug in organizations from public schools to the boy scouts to within our own families.

  • Danny Haszard 6 years ago

    Jehovah's Witnesses have an absurd in house Church rule requiring 'two witnesses' to acts of sin.This makes it difficult to prosecute secret sins as child molesters rarely provide a 'witness' to their dastardly deeds.

    Moreover,members are discouraged from going to 'outsiders' the police and reporting sins.
    That's it,..this is what can make the pedophilia worst among the Jehovah's Witnesses group compared with other mainstream religions.

  • GRB 6 years ago

    Unlike the author of this post-I grew up as a Catholic-attended 12 years of Catholic grade/high school and other than the incredable meaness of the good sisters, made it all the way to 13 years old before the Principal of our High School molested me in his office. He later became a Bishop and is retired now (See Bishop L D Soens-Davenport iowa Diocese). At no time in my lengthy association with the Catholic Church did I ever see any real acts of charity or love come from the nuns or priests. Some of the people in the church were decent folks , and all the church cared about was the money in the plate.
    As a recovering Catholic it amazes me that people can still think that the path to spiritual well being and enlightenment lies within the Roman Catholic church. Perhaps I shouldn't be amazed-the church has been honing thier skills for hundreds of years.

  • Ness 6 years ago

    I'm glad this is written by a Catholic. I have a real problem with non-Catholics commenting on the abuse scandal. Until you understand the nature of Catholic forgiveness and penance (and with it the sacrament of reconciliation), you cannot understand why these crimes were covered up. Were they crimes? Yes. Were they covered up? Yes. Was it wrong of the pope to grant a dying abuser a request? No. He thought it was appropriate, and that's the end of it. The pope is not a child molester. I am not a child molester. Child molesters should be punished by the government, but the church should be allowed to make its own rules regarding its priests and members.

  • dad29 6 years ago

    After your outstanding essay was published, it ALSO became clear that Murphy's trial was NEVER 'stopped' by Rome, although Abp Weakland did request a "pause" in the proceedings.

    It's too bad that people of (apparent) good will like Ms. Rice are so adamantly ignorant of what has transpired in Church jurisprudence under Cdl. Ratzinger specifically in these cases.

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