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The Catholic Mass should blow your mind away!

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Sunday Mass is a banquet of all things Catholic.

When you think about it, the Mass is truly transcendent in that it is way too much for us to fully absorb, or appreciate; that is, until we are in heaven, where we will have an eternity of God's Loving Presence to blow our minds! Surely, there are Catholics among us who would disagree with me, believing that they fully comprehend the glories and graces pouring into us during the Sacred Catholic Liturgy. Yes, those of us who have Masters degrees in Theology, or are ordained ministers, or Professors of Theology, understand the rubrics, and the sacramental theology, and the history of the Mass; yet, we are not much more than pompous peacocks if we think we fully comprehend divinity and eternity with our finite, limited hearts, souls and minds.

Just wrap your head around the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. The Body, Blood, soul, and Divinity of Jesus in Bread and Wine. Just wrap your head around the One, Perpetual Sacrifice of the Cross, for our salvation, there on the altar, in the Church, in the midst of us during Mass. Just wrap your head around the Communion of heaven and earth during the Mass, One Bread, One Body, One Christ...One celebration, One Sacrifice to the thrice Holy, One God.

Even if we were to ponder the smaller (?) things like our participation in Jesus' saving sacrifice, or the prayers of petition which reach all the way to God the Father, or the epeklesis, where the matter of bread and wine becomes Jesus, or the many forms in which God is present--the Scriptures, the priest, the Eucharist, the Spirit, the people--we would see the Mass for the heavenly reality (on earth) that it truly is.

If we were honest, and just admitted how overwhelmingly grace-filled, and awe-inspiring the Catholic Mass truly was, maybe, just maybe, we would be more thankful, more forgiving, more compassionate, more repentant, and more holy.

And certainly more Catholic.