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The catch 22

Unemployment has been a major issue for most Americans. Young people are trying to find employment and most getting nowhere. Employers say "no experience, no work." So there shines the "catch 22." Individuals cannot gain experience if employers are not willing the give them an opportunity to prove themselves and succeed. Young people without experience aren't the only ones being denied for employment.

Many people with college degrees are having just as much of a hard time finding employment as these young individuals. Whether they got laid off, or their career took a turn for the worse employers say that these people are over qualified. That meaning these people who went to school just don't fit in. They have too much experience even if the experience comes from a different area of business.

Most Americans are looking for full-time employment. And it is no secret that most employers do not want to hire full-time due to being mandated to give their employees benefits. A full-time job is usually between 32-40 hours per week. A lot of employers will give just under 32 hours so they do not have to pay for these benefits.

Benefits can cost an employer a lot of money, and most employers are not willing to discuss this issue. In the past few years the economy has suffered a great amount. Unemployment rates are higher than they have ever been. Just in New York state alone the unemployment rate is 7.1.

Young people choosing their career path have to be very careful. Most having trouble finding an area of study that they enjoy while at the same time will be stable enough to grow in this economy. Many are working hard to mend these issues, unfortunately this is an issue that is going to affect most Americans for a long time.

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