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The CATalyst Council suggests setting aside a day to spoil your cat

Stanley is the representative of The CATalyst Council and likes to be spoiled.
The CATalyst Council

While dogs have opportunities to join their pet parents to their various office spaces and there is even a special day set aside to ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day,’ felines are not as fortunate since so many individuals have cat allergies this is a type of day that most businesses would not host for cats. That is why the CATalyst Council set aside last Friday as ‘Spoil Your Cat Day.’

Although that was only one opinion on one day in your cat’s life, pet parents can set aside their own days to spoil their kitties as well. Cats will learn to look forward to the exclusivity of the moment just like canines do.

Spoil Your Cat Day can be whatever you make it out to be. Perhaps you will want to spend extra playtime with your special kitty. Maybe you could give your cat a special treat or a special meal when you get home from work? Pet parents from around the globe would all have exclusive ways that they may choose to celebrate their feline.

Here are some suggestions have lent to cat parents:

· Brush your kitty’s fur as this helps to calm a kitty and builds a stronger bond between feline and human. Different brushes will appeal to different kitties as do the various brush strokes mom or dad could give to kitty. You may want to experiment before discovering exactly what kitty likes.

· Give kitty a new place in the home to lounge. Kitties like to sleep everywhere so setting up a new special kitty spot with new bedding, pillows, or mats just for them will be a way to celebrate your love for them.

· Rotate your kitty’s toys and they will be surprised and excited every time. Kitty toys are not expensive and the ones that contain catnip that is stale will no longer be appealing to kitty so replacing them will give kitty some new “prey” to look forward to.

· Create new variations of interactive play as to improve physical and mental capabilities of your cat and improve the cat-human bond even further. Playing ‘cat and mouse’ with your kitty will be fun for both of you! Stalking and pouncing will help your furry friend work off stress.

· Kitties like treats just like we do. Hiding special little ‘somethings’ for your special friend will keep them on their toes, keep them hunting and will thrill them each and every time they find a little reward.

· New scratching posts, random chin scratches, cuddle time, a new cardboard box or outdoor viewing area are other suggestions. Check out the website for more.

Although last Friday was the day set aside by The CATalyst Council, spoiling your kitty on any random day will be fun for both you and for your kitty. Try some of the suggestions within or come up with your own. After all, you know your kitty better than anyone else and you will know exactly what will make their day!

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