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The CATable gives cats new tunnels to explore, and places to hide

Cats love hiding places, holes, and tunnels. They're born explorers.
Cats love hiding places, holes, and tunnels. They're born explorers.
Eve-Angeline Mitchell

If your house has designs intended more for your cats than for you, you just might be a crazy cat person. Now, the possibility of a new, large table carries the possibility that your cat can expand his territory in such a way that keeps your lunch or dinner, paperwork, or possibly even your computer safe from feline paws. It's called the CATable, and its unique design provides a new playground for even the most curious of cats.

According to an article on Gizmodo, Chinese design firm LYCS designed the CATable provides plenty of holes and tunnels for your cat to explore. Designer Ruan Hao said, "A properly sized hole is irresistible to cats." He also called it "a table for us, a paradise for cats." It could prove quite distracting, and entertaining, if your cat suddenly pops his head out of a hole right in front of you as you're hard at work on something.

Furniture built for us and cats together is getting more popular in the world, though some of the more fascinating concepts, such as the Cat Tunnel Sofa, haven't made it to production at all. However, a company called Jardin Chic makes planters that double as cat beds. These planters are trendy, and combine our desire for comfort and beauty with our cats' desires for places to hide and sleep.

Gizmodo says that there's no word on whether the CATable will ever see production. However, the unique and trendy table is sure to attract at least some interest from avid cat owners.