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The Cat Thief Turns Down Plea Deal

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Nancy Glassman a retired Optometrist stole Cosmo the cat from a bagel shop back in September. Her reasoning behind the action was to rescue the cat from abuse, and neglect.

Nancy was offered a plea deal if she plead guilty this Wednesday but she refused thinking it could give a bad name to people who help those who can not speak for themselves. The plea would have offered her case being dismissed, and sealed after six months of good behavior.

Says Nancy:

I took Cosmo with the permission of a worker, and her detainment was “completely irrational.”

In a quote from the Daily News Nancy compared her case to that of child abuse cases saying:

“You have the little boy, the 4-year-old, that really breaks me up,” Glassman said of Myls, who died under the watch of Kryzie King, 27, who allegedly tortured the little boy.
“What are we supposed to do as a society? That's really what it's about,” Glassman added. “I don't want to set a precedent where people aren't allowed to help those who cannot speak.”

What do you think about all of this? Is her act comparable to that of stealing an abused child? Is it a stretch? Please comment and voice your opinion.