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The Cat Litter Scoop for People Who Use Wheelchairs

Unique Innovation on the Cat Litter Scoop Will Help People in Wheelchairs

Cat lovers love their cats but no doubt, hate scooping the litter box. Having to squat down to scoop is one reason why, which is especially a challenge for wheelchair users or those with mobility problems.

Those needing to sit and scoop bend over too far, pushing the scoop out in front of them, away from their seat or wheelchair. This can cause other issues such as pain in the back, wrists and shoulders. Many cat litter scoops are not designed with wheelchair users in mind or those who experience discomfort from squatting or bending over too far.

A new innovation on the cat litter scoop is on the horizon and the inventor, a single mom from Louisville, Kentucky, is currently raising funds on to get it to manufacturing. It’s called The Side Scoop and it is the first of its kind. Currently, there’s no other scoop like it. It has a long-handled and sides and it scoops sideways like a ladle instead of front ways like a shovel.

Benefits of Using this Cat Litter Scoop: It makes scooping easier and more sanitary (your hand is not so close to the litter); prevents scooped waste from falling back into the box; alleviates pain in the back, wrists and shoulders when scooping (especially beneficial to senior citizens, people with arthritis or wheelchair users).

To get this scoop on the market, the inventor needs backers to pre-order a scoop during the fundraising campaign (ends May 23, 2014). You can get a scoop and have a better scooping experience, while helping to bring this one-of-a-kind disability-friendly scoop to the market.

Here is the campaign link. You will need to register on the site to pre-order the scoop.

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