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The Cat Care Society's Painted Tail comes to an end

The 4th annual journey of Tails of the Painted Cats came to an end last Saturday, July 28, when the last cats were auctioned off at a gala dinner and auction for the Cat Care Society of Lakewood. The event is estimated to have brought in over $67,000 this year.

Welcome to the 2014 Gala Dinner at Pinehurst Country Club.
Carrie Dow
The 4th annual Gala Dinner and Auction to support the Cat Care Society was held last Saturday.
Carrie Dow

Held at Pinehurst Country Club in Denver, this year’s gala once again featured Master of Ceremonies Ed Greene of CBS 4 Denver and auctioneer extraordinaire Douglas M. Tisdale, Esq. as they entertained over 175 guests and friends of the Cat Care Society. During the online auction and preview before the event, several of the cats were sold. Only eight of the 25 cat sculptures created for the event actually went up for auction during the dinner.

During the event, guests were told that one cat, Richard Parker (named after the character in Life of Pi) by Jane McFadden Dorsey, not only sold at the Buy Now price of $5,000, but a second attendee requested a Richard Parker sculpture of her own and also paid $5,000 for it. That’s $10,000 for two cats!

The gala also featured the silent auction of the Flat Cats, 10x10 canvas paintings of cats by different artists as well as Clay Cats, pottery and ceramic sculptures of cats. Another fun silent auction featured Kitten Paintings, a series of paw paintings done by kittens at the shelter. The Tower of Wine event also sold out for the third year in a row. The crowd played a lively game of Heads or Tails before the dinner with the winner receiving an iPad. Other prizes awarded that night were a Trader Joe’s gift basket and a special cat sculpture, Edwina Degas, by Jane McFadden Dorsey.

Auctioneer Tisdale also announced near the end of the evening a special grant had been awarded to the Cat Care Society.

“Cat Care Society has been accepted by the Community First Foundation to receive a $10,000 endowment challenge grant if the Society is able to raise $20,000. The good news this evening is that, as we first make this public announcement of the challenge, Cat Care Society has already amassed the $20,000 in pledges and banked funds.”

It was also announced that the 2015 Tails of the Painted Cats Gala Dinner and Auction will take place on September 19 at Pinehurst Country Club. The Cat Care Society will begin its quest for a new batch of artists this fall and the 2015 group will include the 100th Painted Cat.

At the end of the auction, the cats made their final journey to the homes of the winning bidders.

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