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The cashless society dream fulfilling itself in today's society

Cashless society in wake of business closings

On May 14, in the finance section of Yahoo appeared a headline titled, “Nine retailers closing the most stores.” This report immediately brings back to remembrance a dream I had in 1998 wherein I was a passenger in a car riding down one of Denver’s busiest streets, Colfax Ave. Apparently, this dream finally caught up with the time we are now living in.

On August 30, 1998, God gave me a revelation dream. In the dream, I was aware of what event had taken place. My family and I were driving along what was once a busy street. I saw rows of closed down businesses along the strip. In reality, I had a business on this street. Everything was different as if there was no life on earth. The sun was not shining and it was gloomy outside. We had gone several blocks down before I even realized we had passed my shop.

Suddenly, I became aware that I was in a dream. I knew if we could turn around and go back to the shop, I could see my window display. Yes, that would be the key to a couple of things God did not want me to know. The dream became a threefold revelation. For some reason we could not turn around and go back, so the car kept going. It was as though the driver himself had no control over the steering wheel. As I think in amazement about that particular moment, it shows how awesome our God is! He is yet in control of our dreams!

Now we’re on foot. I recall looking in a mirror and I appeared pregnant even though I didn’t feel pregnant. I saw men in uniforms and knew to stay out of their sight. At one point in the dream, we began running so these men in uniform could not catch us. Suddenly, as I was running it became pitched dark, which led me to believe I was blind. We managed to get away somehow and ended up in a room full of people. I recall looking down at the floor and found a wallet full of money and credit cards. What use was it for now? We were now living in a cashless society.

As I come out of this dream, I could hear myself saying two lines of a poem. God gave me the rest of this prophetic poem about two days later titled, The Cashless Society found in Visions of God’s Coming Judgments book. I could see the Holy Spirit off in a distance, not clearly, but just enough to see the shape of a dove in the midst. His appearance in this manner is His usual way of letting me know that yes this is a message from God.

In the wake of the stock market crash, the economic crisis and business closings, it looks like some aspects of the cashless society dream finally caught up with time. Even to this day, businesses continue to struggle, as they find themselves either having to merge with other businesses, eliminate less profitable locations or just go out of business completely. Here is a poem given to me right after the dream titled, “The Cashless Society.”

A Revelation Dream

The cashless society is drawing near
God gave me a dream and it seemed so real
As we rode down the street
Businesses were closed everywhere
Things were quite different
You could feel it in the air

What am I doing here?
I’m supposed to be raptured up
That’s what man has been teaching for years

For years and years
They've said we won’t see these things
But, God got a hold of me
And gave me a revelation dream.

The cashless society is well on its way
Exactly, when will it come?
God did not say
But look at the headlines
People are losing money today
Look at Japan, Russia and Pakistan
Oh, well, America it’s coming your way.

Never in my life had I found money before
There was a wallet full of money lying on the floor
No need for it now, cashless society was in affect
Jesus had not even come to get His people just yet.

I remember it being very gloomy outside
Gods’ glory was no where in sight
His Spirit was no longer here
Nothing seemed to have life
We were now embarking on something
That the Bible said would come to pass
We were now living in a society
That no longer used cash.

September 2, 1998

II Thessalonians 2, Genesis 6:3, Isaiah 55:6

Read the article here ‘Nine retailers closing the most stores.’ Among the list of store closings are, Barnes and Noble, JC Penny, Sears, Radio Shack, Staples, Aeropostle, Abercomie & Fitch, Office Depot and Toys R Us. Interesting though, the number nine represents fall, fate, and finality. Amazing though, how God reveals these things in a dream before they even happen. Although the dream has not completely fulfilled itself, there is more to come as technology and engineered chaos is continually leading us into a cashless society.

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