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The case for a healthy life

Make your mind up
Make your mind up
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For seniors who are 55 years plus in age this may seem like a tired subject. And it is. If you feel tired more often than not, don't blame your age.

Here are a few age-related maladies, some of which could become fatal.

Sepsis, or blood poisoning is a serious infection that can start from a simple cut or bruise that can become fatal if not diagnosed and treated properly. It ultimately results in shutting down the body's functions if not medically treated.

Gout, a form of arthritis can prove to be debilitating, and calls for pharmaceutical remedies to alleviate the pain and inflammation associated with its episodes.

Heart disease is caused by the build up of plaque within the walls of our arteries. Heart attacks ensue and we all know how serious they become. Angioplastic procedures and stents come to mind.

Cancer. The big C word. Family history may make one prone to developing it. But external factors such as our environment, personal addictions and diet also may contribute.

Dry eyes and fading eyesight. Macular degeneration? Seniors are branded with eye glasses, or reading glasses, or if they prefer, contact lenses. Well, let's see.

Now for the difficult question. Who wants to avoid, get rid of or remedy these afflictions? The response should be a unanimous aye, aye.

The answer to the question remains in a decision. A decision to live the remaining years of our lives in a well balanced state of health.

Our decision to live in health will lead to actions we take to create healthy lives, which then become habits or a way of life.

The actions are quite simple. Eat the right foods, exercise regularly, stay calm and be happy with yourself and others.

Simple, but not easy solutions. That's why it all remains in our decision. Once we determine to live in health, eat consciously and be happy, we have taken the first and most important step to eliminating these age-related afflictions.

Remember, it's our mindset that determines what we can achieve.

Now, go for it.

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