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‘The Carbonaro Effect’ will ‘Just Smash It Out’ on Tru-TV

Michael Carbonaro is the brains behind the Carbonaro Effect on Tru-TV
Michael Carbonaro is the brains behind the Carbonaro Effect on Tru-TV
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

On Thursday night’s Tru-TV episode of “The Carbonaro Effect,” comedian and magician Michael Carbonaro, shocks everyone with his tricks and has people not believing what they see.

In the first segment, with the caption. “It looks like I’m a burglar!” Mike worked in a car wash and seemingly broke the patron’s front passenger windows. However, when he rolled up the window, and they were fine. He gave them another line of baloney about taking out the dealer windows, because they get a lot of wear and tear in transporting the car to the dealership. Then he pulled out a huge wrench, a bag of money and a rope from a woman’s car, while she stood there in awe. Another woman with a broken side-view mirror with a crack, was surprised when he told her each car came with a kit to fix the window and took a squirt bottle from her car and rubbed the solution on the mirror and fixed it.

As a clerk in a dry-cleaning shop, captioned, “This place must be pretty good!” Michael, wearing a suit and tie, greeted a woman who entered the shop without a ticket to pick up a basketball uniform, he told her to come back later, and immediately he stood there wearing a basketball uniform. Next a woman came in to pick up a doctor’s dry cleaning. He bent down, again wearing the suit and tie, this time he had on scrubs and a stethoscope around his neck, when he could not find it, he yelled, “Code Blue, doctor clothing!” The next woman came in to pick up a red satin shirt and white pants. Questioning when it was dropped off, and appeared in the red satin shirt and white pants, just like those he could not find. For his last trick in the dry cleaners, he was behind the counter with terrible stains on his white shirt of every color. When a chef came in he asked him to press a red button for him, then stood under a large pipe, when he hit the button, a spray came out and in seconds, there were no stains on his shirt. He told the guy, he paid $30 a month for the use of the machine, and he should look into it. When a woman came in for her dress, he told her that he would hand steam it since it was laying there a while. He rubbed his hands together, and put them near the dress, as steam rose from his hands!

His next appearance was in a pet shop, captioned, “There he is. I can feel him!” As a woman came to the counter, he has a grooming towel in his hand and asks her if she ever used one? Michael covers the fuzzy dog completely and rubs him with the towel as he holds him. When he takes the towel off, he has a complete lion cut, where his entire body is hairless and just his legs and face are still fuzzy. The towel is full of hair as the woman is speechless.

At another counter, Michael tells a man that he is giving away chameleon fish. The guy looks in the tank and there are no fish, but Michael puts in the net and puts the fish in a bowl, and sure enough; a large gold fish emerges. As Michael continues to amaze this fellow in the shop, he produces more and more fish, then makes them disappear.

For his last trick of the day, he took a dog and put it in a machine that compressed it until it was flat, and all that showed was fur. As a woman came in to pick up her dog, Michael took out a disk and put it in the machine and decompressed it. When he took it out, it was her puppy, as she stood there wondering why it was still alive after such a process. Then Michael told her it was called “The Carbonaro Effect,” a magic hidden-camera television show that she is on right now. Her relief was evident as she hugged her pup and was grateful that he was truly fine.

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