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‘The Carbonaro Effect’ proves ‘The Lizard Law’ on Tru-TV

Michael Carbonaro is astounding people every day!
Michael Carbonaro is astounding people every day!
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

On last night’s Tru-TV episode of “The Carbonaro Effect,” titled “The Lizard Law," comedian and magician Michael Carbonaro, astounds everyone with his tricks and has spectators shaking their heads in amazement.

In the first segment, with the caption, “This is getting too fancy.” Michael is posing as a bartender. He tells a woman at the bar named Melissa that he is going to make her corn chips. He gives her a choice of three different bowls of corn, and when she chooses the one she wants, he pours it into the bag, then lights the bottom of the bag in a flash and voila, pours out corn chips for the lady.

As a couple are dining, Michael is going to make tableside guacamole for them. When he takes the pit out of one avocado, the pit continues to jump around on the cart. The man asks if there is something in there, and Michael cuts it open and a small snake is inside. Both guy and girl jump up and watch, as Michael tells them it is very lucky to have a snake in the avocado, just like the worm in the tequila. Then Michael bagged up the snake to give to the couple.

When Michael is making salsa, he asks a man if it is spicy enough. He tells him it is spicy, but not too spicy. Michael then tells him he will make it real spicy using a tiny bit of a ghost pepper. He takes a small bit on a spoon and proceeds to mix it into the salsa. When he is done mixing it, half of the spoon has melted. As he continues to mix the salsa, the rest of the spoon disintegrates right before their eyes. When Michael walks away to wash his hands, the guy is tempted to try it, but thinks better.

Michael then tells a woman at the bar that the restaurant is switching its menu to vegan and hydroponic. He takes a petal off a rose and tells the woman it is an egg. As he puts the petal in a glass, he whirls it around until it forms the shape of an egg, then finally cracks it as the inside is like a real egg, and the woman cannot believe her eyes.

In a lunchroom, Michael asks a woman how long he should cook his frozen fish? She has no clue, but when he takes it out of the microwave, the fish is alive. He then puts it in a tub of water and leaves her there with the fish.

Later when he asks a woman if she wants sparkling water with lime, but his lime is gross and deteriorated. He then takes out “Rejuva-Foil” wraps it up and uses a hair dryer for a few seconds and takes out a perfect lime. He told her they do that in restaurants all the time. He then takes a few raisins and does the same thing, and out pop a bunch of grapes. The woman is rubbing her eyes in astonishment.

While another man is sitting at another table, Michael starts talking to him, and continues to pull food out of a brown bag, that seems to have no bottom to it. When he walked away, the guy was still looking at the humongous amount of food that fit in that small lunch bag.

In the next segment, with the caption, “Did that really work?” He introduced himself to a woman whose first day on job was a realtor’s assistant. He asked her if she picked up flowers for him, but nobody told her to do this. He told her they had an open house the prior week, and to take the flowers out of the trash can. She did so, but the flowers were dead, but he told her they could spruce them up at bit. He stated that the flowers were probably hungry, so they put food in the vase and to her amazement, they were like new.

When another woman came by to help him out, he told her he was having a problem with the sink, as she stood by to help him plunge the sink, a baby lizard climbed out, so he put a huge pot over the drain and next thing, it was twice the size. The poor woman was in shock until he told her it was called “The Carbonaro Effect,” a magic hidden-camera television show that she is on right now. Michael then introduced himself to her as she was still shocked at the strange happenings.

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