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‘The Carbonaro Effect’ proves ‘It’s a Makeshift’ on Tru-TV

On Thursday night’s Tru-TV episode of “The Carbonaro Effect,” titled “It’s a Makeshift," comedian and magician Michael Carbonaro, puzzles everyone with his tricks and has spectators shaking their heads in amazement.

In the first segment, with the caption, “You had your blue shirt on!” Michael is in a Laundromat and from a tiny box of soap, he continues to pour a huge amount of soap powder into a machine as a man is in awe watching this feat.

When a pretty young woman comes in to wash her clothes, he tells her it is his last day of work. He is doing his laundry and going to Cancun tonight. He was folding a sheet and transformed from his blue shirt; to his tropical one, he was just folding. She noticed that he just had his blue shirt on, and suddenly it is his Cancun clothes. As she questioned his quick change, he picked up his laundry basket and told her he was going on vacation and left.

Back in the Laundromat, Michael was having a problem with the change machine, so he swapped a dollar with another man. When he got the dollar, Michael noticed it had the identical serial number on the one the man gave him, as the picture on the screen. So Michael told him to put the dollar in, when he did; the machine started spewing coins like a slot machine. So Michael asked him for a quarter for his machine, and the man scooped up the rest.

In the next segment, with the caption, “I raise kids and dogs.” Michael was working in a second-hand store. When a woman brought in a shopping bag filled with shoes. Michael found a huge scorpion inside one shoe, much to the shock of the woman who brought them. He told her and the crowd that gathered that they find lots of things living inside of shoes. When he asked her if she wanted to take it back home, she told him she raised kids and dogs. As a customer at the shop, he stopped by a table where a woman was selling items for a dollar. He picked up an old vinyl record and played music with his fingernail, as she was amazed at his accomplishment. He tried other records and got different sounds from each one. He finally chose a movie on a disk, that he looked into and saw John Wayne, but when she tried to see the movie, she could not as he took it and walked away.

A woman at Michael’s counter had a project for school to make a golden lamp stand. The one she found was partially golden, but the top was wrought iron colored. She hoped to get a good deal, and Michael told her to look on the front of the counter, because today only, the sign read, “Golden Lamp Stands, Free.”

At another seller’s table, Michael saw a mounted butterfly in a box, when he opened it, the butterfly was alive, as everyone in the shop was shocked when it flew away.

In the next segment captioned, “The tail poked a hole in it.” Michael worked at a packaging/mail facility. A man came in with a snow globe he wanted shipped. It was of a lady holding a nutcracker, but when Michael shook it, the nutcracker fell out, without the globe breaking. So Michael told him to tape it on the outside, which he did. When Michael held it again, the nutcracker was back inside and the tape was empty. Michael told him not to shake it again, and he agreed and left the store.

When a woman came to his counter, Michael asked them to please hand him a package on a table. The package had fragile stickers on it, but one side the arrows pointed up and the other side was opposite. Michael opened the box, and inside was a punch bowl filled with punch.

A man with a glass penguin wanted it shipped. Michael told him, because it was glass, he had to wrap it, but Michael will give him the supplies. As he wrapped it in paper and then bubble wrap, put it in the box with peanuts, and taped it up, there was an identical glass penguin on the counter. The man unwrapped what he just packed, and it was empty, but he knew that the tail poked a hole in the paper, and it was the one he just wrapped; but where did it go? He did the identical thing again, wrapped, the same way, and put it on the scale, and the same thing happened a third time.

The poor guy was stunned, until Michael told him, when something does not allow you to ship it, that was called “The Carbonaro Effect,” a magic hidden-camera television show that he is on right now. Michael then introduced himself to him as he was still shocked at the strange happenings.

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