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‘The Carbonaro Effect’ is going ‘Out of Bounce’ on Tru-TV

Michael Carbonaro is the brains behind the Carbonaro Effect on Tru-TV
Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images

On Thursday night’s Tru-TV episode of “The Carbonaro Effect,” titled “Out of Bounce,” comedian and magician Michael Carbonaro, shocks everyone with his tricks and has people not believing what they see.

In the first segment, with the caption, “He doesn’t understand the concept,” Michael is posing as a clerk in a gift shop. When a woman is looking for a gift for her niece who is eleven, Michael points out a product on the counted called Liqui-Stiff. It uses the same concept as blowing bubbles, but the bubbles are hard and can be played with. Michael even made a Christmas ornament out of the bubble and put a ornament hanger on the top. As the two women at the counter oohed and aahed, he had to go in the back for a minute, they tried to blow bubbles with it, but they continued to break.

When a woman came to the counter with a bunch of toys, he asked if she wanted to see how the sticker fish worked. There was a roll of goldfish stickers on the counter. He then took a fishbowl and dropped the sticker in the water, and the fish came to life. The stickers were a quarter each, and the woman could not believe it, but spent $2.50 for ten of them.

When an older couple were at the counter, Michael had a jar of balls there. He told them that the balls were only a penny a piece, because there will just a few bounces left in them. The man never heard of such a thing, so he bounced a ball on the floor, but it did not bounce, when he tried it again, he got the same result. Michael told them in sporting events, they change the balls for the same reason. They took a bunch of them, even though they only had a few bounces left, but they said they could always roll them. As he rang up their Little Helper Broom Set,” he told them the brooms may only have a limited number of sweeps, as they both shook their heads.

Michael really outdid himself when he showed a woman a toy, that resembled an injection mold set, where he used the mold of a frog, put in a bunch of gray gunk, and when he had shone a pulsing light on it, the frog came to life. As customers gathered at the counter, he said it was being recalled, and he was no longer allowed to sell them as of last night. There were several different kinds of animals. He even told them if they put the frog on the microwave, it would turn back into the gunk.

For the second segment, titled, “I feel like I’m in another world,” Michael set up hidden cameras in a gym, so he could perform more tricks. He had a guy believing he could lift himself out of a milk crate with just his hand on a stick. He had a woman believing that he could turn his hand completely around, and even had her help turn it. He also wiped a man’s head with a dry sponge and wrung it out several times. He furthermore sprayed a foam that became a towel and a sock to a completely astonished man.

The next segment titled, “Whoever owns this bike is in there,” featured porta potties and Michael on a bicycle. When a lady runner was coming by, he asked her if she would please watch his bike, he then went into the porta potty, but returned from a different direction as she was totally puzzled.

The next segment was even more amazing, as Michael was the supposed winner of a new car. When he went to claim his prize, the security guard that was authorizing his winning ticket, was awaiting his arrival. The car was draped with a huge bow, and when Michael arrived, he was very excited. As he removed things from his pockets, he did not have the ticket, but asked the man to please give him a few minutes to run home for the ticket. After Michael left, the man turned around and the car was gone. When he discovered it missing, he nearly had a heart attack, and called to his co-worker, who told him the key was in the gray box he was guarding. A few minutes later, Michael drove up in the car and handed him the ticket. The man was so flabbergasted, that he insisted Michael gave him an explanation. Subsequently Michael told him it was called “The Carbonaro Effect,” a magic hidden-camera television show that she is on right now. Michael then introduced himself to the man who was still amazed at the happenings.

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