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‘The Carbonaro Effect’ is going ‘Green Friendly’ on Tru-TV

On last night’s Tru-TV episode of “The Carbonaro Effect,” titled “Green Friendly," comedian and magician Michael Carbonaro, puzzles everyone with his tricks and has spectators shaking their heads in amazement.

In the first segment, with the caption, “That’s kinda hurting my head.” Michael is in a liquor store and is giving a customer a taste of merlot. When he takes the cork out of the bottle, it is taller than the bottle. He gives the man a line of baloney about how they deep cork the bottles in France.

A woman comes to his counter, and he offers her a taste of French wine. Each time he bends down to pick up a bottle, he first has a mustache, then a beret, then a scarf with the mustache and beret, she never said a word about his attire.

When Michael made beer instantly for a man who waited, he sprinkled the ingredients one at a time into a paper cone, and poured it into a glass. The man drank it and said it was good.

Michael showed a woman how a bottle of champagne is adjustable, but twisting the neck; it became a small bottle. The woman just returned from the dentist and said her head was hurting, and the demonstration was puzzling her to no end.

In the next segment, with the caption, “I coulda picked love … “ Michael is in a jewelry shop. A woman comes in to get her rings cleaned. He added a few more rings and told her he had a new process and put them in a glass with a clear solution. When he took the jewelry out of the solution, hers were not there, but on the other side of the counter, locked up. As she continued to ask questions about how they got there, Michael continued to confuse her more.

A woman with pearls needed to have them strung. Michael sucked a piece of string, and blew it into a tube containing the pearls, and sure enough; they were immediately strung. The woman was astounded and wanted to buy a tube for her crafting projects.

Another woman was told she could have a free necklace for the shop’s eight anniversary. Michael told her to pick out the elements she wanted for the necklace and when he opened his shirt, he was wearing the identical necklace. She was very surprised to see that he chose the same parts.

In the last segment, with the caption, “Yeah, but that’s out in the wilderness!” Michael is at a car wash as a man told him that he was just hunting for turkeys. Michael showed him that there was nesting material in his car and when he opened the back, a flock of birds flew out. He told Michael that it was totally crazy, and he had no idea how it happened.

When a lady with another car came there, Michael told her that he was getting the first Green Car Wash, as they have changed their hose, and he put a green tag on her antenna. However, when the car came out of the car wash, it was GREEN, no longer gray. Michael then drove the car through again and this time it was gray.

The poor woman was stunned, until Michael told her, that was called “The Carbonaro Effect,” a magic hidden-camera television show that she is on right now. Michael then introduced himself to her as she was still shocked at the strange happenings.

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