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‘The Carbonaro Effect’ gets ’An Elevated Ferret Alert’ on Tru-TV

On today’s Tru-TV episode of “The Carbonaro Effect,” titled “An Elevated Ferret Alert," comedian and magician Michael Carbonaro, puzzles everyone with his tricks and has spectators shaking their heads in amazement.

In the first segment with the caption, “Can you usually do that in regular life?”, Michael is an interior designer; his assistant is Samantha, who is watching him open doors and call out what they are as she writes everything down. He opens a door and it is evident that it is a closet, a few minutes later, he opens the door and there are stairs to go to the next level, which he takes to go upstairs. She checks her diagram and was sure it was a closet. When her cell phone rings, it is Michael who calls her to come upstairs, she opens the door he went through, and sure enough, it is a closet, as she opens and closes it a few times to make sure. When Michael walks in through another door, she questions how he got upstairs. He then shows her the door he went through, and it is a staircase. Now she is really baffled.

A man delivers some framed prints to decorate the place. He tells the man that the old painters usually hid animals in the paintings. As the man looks at the paintings of people, their faces change to cats and dogs.

Another woman is Michael’s helper; she holds the clipboard as he picks up weights that counter balance him. As he stands holding the weights, he moves forward, while his feet are stationary. She cannot figure how he leaned so far forward, and he does it again and again.

In the second segment captioned, “I have to get my own number?”, Michael is in a waiting room. He talks to a woman as he thumbs through a magazine, but the pages are blank, when he does it again, the pages are perfectly normal. The covers of the magazines seem to be empty, and when he puts the blank sheets inside, they produce the pictures and articles. When Michael gets called into the office, he tells her to play with the magazines, but they will not change for her.

Michael is in the same waiting room with another woman, as he is drinking a black cherry soda, he asks her if she ever had that flavor, which she replies in the negative. He crushes the can and tosses it in the trash can. He then realizes that he should recycle and removes it. He tells her that he can do an online refill if the can has a serial number starting with seven. He proceeds to use his phone to have the can refilled. He called and related the number of the can, and it was resealed, and when he touched his phone to it, the can became whole again, without creases where he crushed it.

The next segment with the caption, “Life as we know, is over.”, featured Michael at a car wash welcoming cars. When a pickup truck comes in, the man gets out, and Michael hands him a bunch of stuff that is inside so he can vacuum it. The man is shocked and surprised that so much stuff he never saw before continues to be removed from the truck. He hands the man a litter box and then brings out a cat. He is still in amazement for all that came out, as Michael brings the cat inside. He tells Michael to put the cat back, because he has no idea who put all that stuff inside. He is going to make a phone call to see if he can figure out who did this.

When a woman pulls up, he asks her for the key, she tells him she does not have them. However, the door is locked, and the keys are still inside. He tells her this happens all the time, and asks her if she knows the clapper door code for the car, she obviously does not, and he proceeds to clap in sequence and as soon as he is done, the door is unlocked. Then the woman wants him to give her the clapping code, which he does. Good luck, if you ever leave the keys behind again!

The next woman who comes to the car wash, is baffled when Michael tells her that there are animal droppings all over the floor of her car. He put a cage in her back seat and asked her to honk the horn, to scare him. When she saw animals she ran, but they were inside the cage, three ferrets. He asked if she felt them while she was driving, and she said no, but was still freaking out.

When she asked how they got in there, Michael told her, that was called “The Carbonaro Effect,” a magic hidden-camera television show that she is on right now. Michael then introduced himself again to her as he was still wondering how it could have happened.

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