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‘The Carbonaro Effect’ finds ‘Serious Déjà Vu’ on Tru-TV

Michael Carbonaro is the brains behind the Carbonaro Effect on Tru-TV
Michael Carbonaro is the brains behind the Carbonaro Effect on Tru-TV
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

On Thursday’s Tru-TV episode of “The Carbonaro Effect,” titled “Serious Déjà Vu," comedian and magician Michael Carbonaro, puzzles everyone with his tricks and has spectators shaking their heads in amazement.

In the first segment at Sweet Auburn Barbecue, with the caption, “And I call myself an experienced drinker,” Michael is working in at the bar. He asks a woman what she would like to drink, and she tells him a vodka pomegranate. He tells her he will make it with a liquor light. He pours bottled water into the shaker and then puts a code into the liquor light, and pours the drink into her glass. She is shocked to see what happened, and when he walked away, she was still puzzled.

When another woman came to the bar, he told her that he was the Guinea pig for the kitchen and tested the hot wings and barbeque sauce before they served them to the public. When he tasted them, with the hot sauce, smoke came from his mouth and the wings in the platter went on fire.

In a variety store, Michael is behind the counter in the second segment with the caption, “I just used that at a restaurant!” When a man goes to pay for his purchase with a credit card, Michael stated that there was a problem with his card, called the card issuer and shredded the man’s card. As he was still on the phone, he said it would be on its way, and sure enough, a drone flew over their heads and produced his credit card. The man was in shock as his name was on the card, and it was activated.

On the third segment, captioned, “That is just like, from outer space.” Michael is working at a coffee bar. He asks a woman if she wants a muffin that is made instantly inside a bag. When he demonstrates it to her, she is amazed at his ability to bake a muffin in seconds.

The fourth segment is captioned, “Cosmic Loop, cause that’s what we’re going through.” Michael is in a waiting room, with a large newspaper in front of him that he is supposedly reading. He asks a man what time it is, puts the paper up, and when he puts it down again, his hair is a frizzy mess. When he raises the paper again, he has a large mustache that is askew, and next he has a scraggly beard.

In the same office, Michael is now a maintenance man, changing light bulbs, as he strikes up a conversation with a man in the waiting room. When Michael leaves, then suddenly reappears exactly where he originally met the man, he is astounded that he could be in two places at once. Suddenly, he goes through the same words that he originally said to Jonathan.

The man was surprised, until Michael told him, that was called “The Carbonaro Effect,” a magic hidden-camera television show that he is on right now. Michael then introduced himself again to him as he was still wondering how it could have happened.

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