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‘The Carbonaro Effect’ finds ‘A Waddle, A Scratch …’ on Tru-TV

Michael uses The Carbonaro Effect on this lady!
Michael uses The Carbonaro Effect on this lady!
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

Thursday’s Tru-TV second episode of “The Carbonaro Effect,” was titled “A Waddle, A Scratch … “ where comedian and magician Michael Carbonaro, pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes with his tricks and has people not believing what they see.

In the first segment, he was a clerk in a thrift shop. As a man comes to the counter, a decoy duck becomes a real duck, as he tries to convince the gathering at the counter that it is battery-operated, and not actually real. When a woman asked what company designed this realistic duck, he told her Carbonaro.

Later in the same shop, Michael was purchasing some clothes, but when they tried to take the hangers off the clothes, they all started coming together and would not separate. As the clerks tried to pull them apart, it was just impossible, so Michael walked away leaving them to figure it out.

Back at the counter, he was waiting on two women, and as he took off the security tag, another appeared, then another, and more and more, on a pair of $2 tights.

At another thrift shop, Michael was haggling with a clerk for a briefcase marked $20. The clerk agreed to give him the empty case for $17. When Michael argued further, the price came down to $10. So Michael opened the briefcase, that was now filled with money, and peeled off a $10 and handed it to the clerk and walked off, as the clerk just stood there dumbfounded.

As a clerk at a wine counter, he gave a woman a chance to win a bottle of wine or coupon. He checked her identification, and her name was Kelly Foster. She won the best prize, Michael told her, a vintage bottle of wine. When he opened the bottle, it had her name on it, and she was from Chicago, where the wine was bottled.

The next customer, was a man he offered a taste of Portuguese red wine. When he opened the wine, he told the man it had a cheese cork, and gave him some malarkey about not having enough cork, so they used cheese. When he dipped it in the wine, it became cheese and the man tasted it, and sure enough; it was cheese. The man used to work at a Portuguese restaurant and never heard of a cheese cork before.

Next, two women came in, and he offered them a free bottle of white wine. He said it had to be chilled, so when he poured it, ice formed on the top to chill the wine. Another line of baloney had them in shock that wine could possibly do this.

At an artist's studio, Michael asked a man to help him name some paintings. When he showed the guy an abstract painting, he told him that the artist said, other images could be seen, the man certainly saw a woman, and so did viewers. Michael acted like he could not see it, after covering up part of the painting again, Michael said he could see it, and the man could not. Weird!

Another guy in the art studio, was helping Michael, who had been working for four days straight. He had a photo of Abraham Lincoln that was old and supposedly worth $80,000. As the man was helping Michael scan the pictures, the Lincoln one went through the scanner, that now turned out to be a shredder and shredded the photo. So Michael quickly turned off the machine, as the man was shocked that it happened. Then Michael made a phone call, and talked to someone who told him to spray it with something and hold a light on it. After spraying it, he asked the guy to hold the light on it, while it was in a folder. When Michael opened it, the photo was intact, but the man was not.

Michael read the label on the spray they used, and it said, repairs photos using “The Carbonaro Effect.” When Michael asked him if he heard of that process, and he said no. Then Michael introduced himself and told him it was a hidden-camera television show that he is on right now.

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