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‘The Carbonaro Effect’ finds ‘A Problem With Chocolate Turtles and Seeds’

Michael Carbonaro is the brains behind the Carbonaro Effect on Tru-TV
Michael Carbonaro is the brains behind the Carbonaro Effect on Tru-TV
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

On tonight’s Tru-TV premiere episode of “The Carbonaro Effect,” comedian and magician Michael Carbonaro, pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes with his tricks and has people not believing what they see.

In the first segment, he was a grocery checker in a supermarket, and put the woman’s face on the milk carton she had on the conveyor. He acted like he had no idea how the picture appeared on the milk carton, but she was totally freaked out by what she saw. Then the picture changed, and another photo was on the carton, but she swore the previous picture was her, and her husband verified that it was.

Another woman buying avocados, that would not scan, was still in shock, as Michael beat them with a baseball bat to remove the security tags. When she looked in the bag, there were a wire and two tags attached and the avocados were perfectly fine. She is probably still wondering how it happened.

A man purchasing oregano oil, was shown the expiration date of the oil was the same day he bought it, but when asked what time it was by Michael, he gave him the time, and it showed the oil expired at the exact date and time. Michael told him, he had never seen anything that expired by the minute, and obviously, neither did he.

As a man was purchasing a dozen eggs, Michael asked him if he checked them, when he said no, Michael opened the carton and saw one was broke, but then pulled out a baby chick. Another woman on the line wanted the chick. Michael told them it happened all the time because the eggs are so fresh, and they just return the chicks back to the farm.

Next, he was a worker at a post office. He asked a woman to pick up a flat box he needed, and when he opened it, there was a bowling ball inside. She was astounded, and was sure it could not have been inside a box she lifted with one hand that was nearly flat. He gave her some malarkey about the air inside filling as the box was opened, and she walked away talking to herself.

When the next woman came to the window, he opened her box, that contained chocolate turtles, tee shirts and sunflower seeds she was sending her son at school. When the warning buzzer beeped, he stated that new regulations probably did not like the turtles and seeds being shipped together. Next to him on his desk were several memos, and sure enough, one stated not to send turtles and seeds together. She said it was the first time she ever did this, but now she will know for the future.

A man came to the counter with a box, that set off the beeper. He said the address was correct, but there was no person there by the name on the package. So he was returning it. Because the beeper went off, Michael had to open the box, and inside was a birthday cake with the candles lit. He told him that he could not ship anything on fire, as he stood there scratching his head.

The next lady, was looking for stamps, but Michael told her there was something new called vortex shipping, for instantaneous sending of packages and letters. He took a plastic envelope and scanned it, then told her to check in one of the post office boxes for the copy of her letter, sure enough; it was there.

His next job was a desk clerk at a nice hotel. As a pretty young woman was checking in, the man behind her was checking out. When Michael asked for her photo ID, it was a man she did not know. He called out the name, and the man behind her said it was him. When he went into his wallet for his ID, he had hers. The man had to catch a flight and had no time to question the event, but she was just dumbfounded as she stood there aghast at how this could have happened.

As Michael was checking into a hotel, he told the valet that he must have left his watch in his trunk, so he opened the trunk and locked himself inside. As the man was trying to get him out, as he called to him to please open the trunk. Suddenly, as the man was perplexed as to how to open the car, Michael came out of the hotel telling him that he had a spare key. The man asked how he did that? Then Michael told him it was called “The Carbonaro Effect,” a hidden-camera television show that he is on right now.

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