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‘The Carbonaro Effect’ experiences ’Cause and Effect’ on Tru-TV

On last night’s Tru-TV episode of “The Carbonaro Effect,” titled “Cause and Effect," comedian and magician Michael Carbonaro, puzzles everyone with his tricks and has spectators shaking their heads in amazement. In this episode, Michael shows scenes not seen before and how they played out.

In the first segment, titled “Breaking the laws of physics," Michael is training his assistant to help him pack and ship items of sports memorabilia. He has a large juice bottle signed by Joe Namath, that he wants to ship, and has a box to put it in and a tennis ball signed by Pete Sampras. She realized that the ball and the bottle were shipping separately, and when she took the bottle out of the box, the tennis ball was inside. He stated that he felt bad because he left her there for about a half an hour trying to get the ball out.

When a man was checking into a hotel, Michael was the desk clerk, and when he scanned the man’s credit card, his name came out backwards. Michael pulled the strip off his card, and put it back properly. When he scanned the card again, his name came out the way it was supposed to. The man was shocked that Michael could remove the strip and replace it.

A woman came into dry cleaners. she let it slip that it was her first time in a dry cleaner, so Michael took advantage. As she put her clothing on the counter, he put them in a bag, all rolled up and any old way. When he karate chopped the bag on all four sides, all the clothes were clean and folded, as she stood there astonished.

Michael then told viewers to put their palm on his palm directly on the television screen. He explained that they would be able to feel the heat from his palm, he also stated that if anyone believed it; that is why their show works.

Elizabeth was his next victim, who came to work for him in the following segment titled, New Technology. As they were looking for the key to the supply closet, nobody could find it, so Michael showed her a round black box where she could make one instantly. He said that key was lost more than anything, so he coded it into the box, and voila, a key appeared. When the boss came back, Michael showed her how he paid for lunch with the same $20 bill over and over because he made duplicates. She was surprised, then the boss came in and reprimanded Michael telling him the machine was not a toy. When he was leaving to help the boss, he whispered to Elizabeth to press the button one more time after five seconds, and she did, after that the boss yelled to knock it off, and she knew she was caught in the act.

Michael asked how many hands does it take to screw in a light bulb? He said one, provided it is a right hand and not a left bulb. Another Michael was hired to help out with a few home repairs, and put a light bulb in Michael’s overhead light. After putting the bulb in, it still did not light. As Michael held the bulb in his left hand, it lit. Then the other Michael screwed it in with his left hand, and it lit. Michael tried to explain the difference between left and right bulbs, and left him there to turn the light on and off about twenty times.

Michael had two machines that would make wine from raisins. He asked a lady what color wine she wanted, and she stated red. He stated by using raisins, it eliminated the aging process, because raisins are already aged. When he hit the switch, it made red wine. He also stated that the longer you let it run; the more alcohol went into the wine. So he only did it lightly for her companion who was driving. They liked the wine, too!

Michael was asked if things ever do not go the way he planned? As a woman was standing at a postal service counter, he tried to give her a flat box, but realized it was for him, and it stated; Open on Sight. Michael then opened it, and a large watermelon came out. The woman was not impressed, at his trickery, but was happy to have a slice of the watermelon.

Sylvia was another unimpressed person, who Michael tried to impress with his coffee bean scam, but she wanted to sit and wait for him to make her coffee.

Michael then told viewers that after each deception, he revealed that it is just a trick. So he wanted to show some reveals that fans never get to see. So one right after the other, people who were astounded by his tomfoolery, were dumbfounded when the trick was revealed, and some still did not believe that it was called “The Carbonaro Effect,” a magic hidden-camera television show that they were on. Michael then introduced himself as they were still wondering how these tricks could have happened.

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