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‘The Carbonaro Effect’ begs ‘Don’t Freeze Me!’ on Tru-TV

The Carbonaro Effect brings dead things to life!
The Carbonaro Effect brings dead things to life!
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

On last night’s Tru-TV episode of “The Carbonaro Effect,” titled “Don’t Freeze Me!" comedian and magician Michael Carbonaro, shocks everyone with his tricks and has people not believing what they see.

In the first segment, with the caption, “Get rid of that thing!” Michael is posing as a clerk in a sporting goods store. When he asks a woman to lift a box on the floor, he tells her it is heavy, but is not heavy to her. Then he opens it and takes out a basketball, immediately followed by a bowling ball. The woman is astounded that she could pick up the box after seeing what came out. She then tried to put both balls in the box, but only one would fit; she continued to ask Michael how they fit together, and was not taking anything but the correct answer. Michael continued to act like it was no big deal.

Next, a kid and his mother came in for a batting helmet, but Michael scared the crap out of the mother by pulling a mouse out of the helmet. He asked the kid if he was hiding it from his mother, but he was about as surprised as she was, just not afraid of it. Then Michael tried to get them to take the mouse with them, but they would not. The woman with the bowling ball/basketball dilemma returned with the balls and the box, and asked him to explain again how the balls fit in the box; she received no satisfaction to this conundrum.

When a man named Jamal came in the store, Michael was holding a baseball glove and a ball. He told the guy that he knew very little about baseball and asked him if he could tell him some retired player's memorabilia they should get for the shop. He was not that big a fan of baseball, but told him Jackie Robinson was #41 and his number was retired. Then they looked at the ball, and it was signed by Jackie Robinson to Jamal. He nearly flipped when he saw the inscription.

When the pizza delivery guy came by, the bill was $12.12. Michael handed him a dollar bill and told him it was all there. Then he showed the fellow, that the money was stuck together, and proceeded to peel off dollar after dollar until the countertop was filled with bills.

The woman with the ball dilemma returned to the counter again. She was still puzzled and continued to expect an answer, but received nothing.

For the second segment, titled, “You’re playing with my cognitive development,” Michael worked in a coffee shop. When a man came in for a mango tea, he let the other guy pour it. As Michael poured a large cup of coffee, he stated it was hot, and let go, while the cup stayed in midair. When the guy was flabbergasted, he told Michael he swore the cup was levitated. A glass case with free pastries had no entry point. As a woman asked him how to get the pastries, he told her to use the paper, but she still could not open it. He then took the paper, held it over the glass case, and put his hand through and got the pastries she wanted, and he even let her put her hand through the glass and grab a scone.

When an older woman came to the counter, Michael showed her how the shop uses reconstituted coffee beans. When he took a coffee filter filled with used beans, he put a magic elixir on it squeezed it real hard, and had new beans. He also told her they used the grounds three times. She bought it too, and told her to buy a small cup, because all sizes fit into all cups. When he poured all the coffee from a pitcher into a small cup, she told him that he was playing with her cognitive development, which he most certainly was!

The next segment brought Michael to the Piedmont Shipping & Receiving Center, titled “I’m superstitious now.” As he was explaining to a co-worker that they had to ship and receive packages to everywhere, his order was to ship an Aboriginal boomerang. He told the guy that the boomerangs were supposed to be cursed. The island in Australia where they were made protested the museum selling them. As Michael climbed on a ladder, he asked the guy if he was superstitious? He replied that he was not. When Michael took it down and put it in the box, he noticed the boomerang was back on the wall, and no longer in the box. The co-worker was superstitious now.

Another co-worker, this time a woman was helping him with inventory. She took some stuffed taxidermy animals from a box, that Michael had to spray with a freezing solution before shipping. A ring-neck pheasant, a grouse and a small fox were among the animals. Michael put each animal in their own crate, sprayed them again and told her they could put them back in the wild. Suddenly, the fox jumped out of the crate and grabbed a squirrel. When Michael brought the fox back, he had her spray the box on the outside. Then he took the fox out, and it was stiff again. He told her they had to do this every hour, or they would come back to life. Subsequently, Michael told her it was called “The Carbonaro Effect,” a magic hidden-camera television show that she is on right now. Michael then introduced himself to her as she was still shocked at the happenings.

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