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The Canonization Of Two Men

The Canonization Of Two Men
The Canonization Of Two Men
Tea with the Saints - Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II facebook

On this the second Sunday of Easter in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Fourteen two men of the church will be elevated to Sainthood. Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII have passed all the church's requirements for Sainthood. Today will be a historic day for the Church as two living Pope's will consecrate the mass as well as deliver us two former Pope's into Sainthood.

The sky was on the brink of a springtime shower but the rain held back for the mass to be held. Amazingly though the tears of joy could be seen on the faces of the pilgrims who came from the four corners of the planet. The estimated number in attendance was somewhere around a million.

Saint John XXIII is largely responsible with the modernization of the Roman Catholic Church. Saint John Paul II has been seen to be the driving force with the fall of communism. Both of these men who gave their lives for the Church would look upon this day as simply being humble servants of the Lord, who were only doing their jobs.

Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI has largely been in private prayer since resigning last year. This is a glorious day to have two living Pope's celebrating mass. This day is also special as the Gospel is about the Apostle Thomas. Doubting Thomas as he is usually referred to was the Apostle who had to put his hands into the wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You see for some this day is a little medieval for them. They don't see the relevance of the elevation of Sainthood. One of the criteria of Sainthood is the acknowledgement of the Church stating that a miracle has been performed in the name of person being considered. This sometimes has to be simply taken on faith and for some faith is fleeting and only there when a special occasion is to be performed, like Christmas or Easter. For some these are the only times that the Church will feel their presence. For others this is simply a wonderful occasion and is just what the doctor ordered especially for a Church. Which has been scandalized by the actions of some of it's priests in the last twenty years or so.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad. For unto this day two remarkable men have become Saints among Heaven and Earth.